Mesa Ranked As Having One Of The Best Vehicle Fleets In The Country

By Nadine Arroyo Rodriguez
Published: Monday, June 8, 2015 - 4:23pm
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Photo Courtesy of City of Mesa
Pete Scarafiotti is Director of Fleet Operations in Mesa.

Managing vehicle fleets for local governments can be costly. But one Valley city has found a way to reduce that cost. Mesa is ranked one of the best managed fleets in the country. 

Fleet departments manage fire, police, sanitation and waste vehicles and maintain hundreds of pieces of other equipment. The trade publication "100 Best Fleets" ranks local governments on several criteria, including innovation, technology and sustainability. Last year Mesa ranked 51st, this year it’s 7th.  Mesa Fleet Operations director Pete Scarafiotti said the agency has taken advantage of round-the-clock shifts to make repairs during downtime. This reduces the need to purchase more vehicles.

"A solid waste truck for the city of Mesa cost us almost $385,000," he said. "If I don’t have to buy two or three of those, that’s money saved, not only by the city but also by our tax payers."

Mesa Fleet Operations is doing something Scarafiotti said no other city in Arizona is doing. In the past three years, Mesa has recouped more than $3 million in manufacturers’ warranties.

Tom Johnson publishes the "100 Best Fleets in the U.S." list each year.

"Part of the problems everybody faces is the bureaucracies and the fact we’re working with public agencies and so things move slower," he said. "But, like in Mesa’s case, they have a sense of urgency that is missing in many city and county agencies."

Other Arizona cities that made the list are Buckeye, Tucson, Tempe and Phoenix.

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