Save budget surplus for a rainy day, state superintendent says

December 28, 2011

Arizona is taking in more money than had been expected this year and that has led to a projected budget surplus for fiscal year 2012. But  State Schools Superintendent John Huppenthal is not asking for more dollars for education. From Phoenix, KJZZ's Terry Ward reports.

TERRY WARD: Huppenthal says Arizona has incurred a lot of debt in recent years as it sought to balance its financial books and he says lawmakers should focus on - what he calls - the coming hurricane when the state is once again expecting a budget deficit.

JOHN HUPPENTHAL: I would absolutely like to maintain current levels of funding, no cuts. But I think they ought to do everything they can to repair the balance sheet and prepare for the following year when its really gonna be difficult.

TERRY WARD: The coming hurricane is a reference to 2014 when the voter-approved half-cent sales tax expires. Huppenthal says any budget surplus should be set aside for the future.

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