Phoenix 'Hump Day Burlesque' Show Invites Anyone To Perform

By Annika Cline
Published: Thursday, May 14, 2015 - 4:51pm
Updated: Friday, May 15, 2015 - 8:23am
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(Photo courtesy of Amy Blackwood)
Amy Blackwood performing as Lady Lily LaVamp.

The art of burlesque can be described a lot of ways. Sultry, flashy, provocative, quirky. We spoke to a burlesque performer who is starting her own show and who is looking for new talent.

Amy Blackwood got her start as a burlesque performer in New York City, where she developed her on-stage persona, Lady Lily LaVamp.

"As Amy I’m just kind of like, oh, really kind of dorky and shy and goofy," she said. "But I feel as Lily I’m like a goddess."

Blackwood started "Hump Day Burlesque" at Lost Leaf bar in downtown Phoenix last month and now she’s recruiting. She said the stage is open to anyone of all shapes, sizes and gender identities.

"Anything," Blackwood said. "I’m just looking for people with the creativity and the desire and the passion to perform."

Including a special guest at the last show — a snake charmed from a basket by one performer.

New and experienced performers craft their own costumes and makeup and test the routine on the crowd.

Blackwood hopes some of those audience members will become performers. Like Alexis Edmonds, a musician in the audience who hopes to try burlesque for the first time next month.

"I’m used to performing on stage by myself, so that won’t be weird but, like, I mean obviously I usually keep my clothes on," Edmonds said.

Blackwood hopes that new performers will feel empowered through burlesque and have the courage to try new things on stage.

"I told people just, if you want to experiment with something, come here and do it," she said.

A mix of theatrical performance and strip tease, Hump Day Burlesque is a 21-and-up show, so consider this a blush warning. The next show is at Lost Leaf on Wednesday.

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