Truck carrying 280,000 rounds of ammo to Phoenix makes a wrong turn in Juarez

April 19, 2012

Mexican customs inspectors seized a semi-truck loaded with 280,000 rounds of ammunition Tuesday evening at the Juarez border crossing. The truck and its cargo were headed for a Phoenix distributor, who says the truck driver made a wrong turn. KJZZ’s Al Macias reports

AL MACIAS: According to owner of the Phoenix company that ordered the ammo, the trucker made a delivery in El Paso and then took a wrong turn and found himself on the bridge crossing headed for Mexico. The owner of the company, United Nations Ammo, who gave only his first name as Howie, says the driver tried to turn around, but was told by American law enforcement officers he could not turn the semi-truck around on the bridge.

HOWIE:  They said just go over turn around and get back into the line and come back over. He did that, sounds like a stupid mistake to me, in retrospect he should have said nope I can’t go over there with the load I’m carrying. But he didn’t, people do make mistakes.

AL MACIAS: Mexican customs officials stopped the truck, seized the shipment and arrested the trucker. Public records list the owner of the United Nations Ammo as Howard Glaser. He says his company regularly makes bulk purchases of ammunition and re-sells it. He says the ammo is intended for American gun owners and there was never any intent for this shipment to end up in Mexico.

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