Sen. McSally Says Companies Operating Substandard Military Housing 'Pisses Her Off'

Published: Tuesday, December 3, 2019 - 6:17pm

Republican Sen. Martha McSally blasted the companies that operate private on-base military housing during a Senate Armed Services Committee hearing on Tuesday. The senator was hearing testimony about the substandard housing conditions for military families.

McSally didn’t hold back when she addressed staff from the Government Accountability Office and military leaders.

“And they types of stories we’ve heard from what families have had to put up with and as someone who has served myself, this pisses me off," McSally said. 

McSally questioned the GAO’s Director of Defense Capabilities and Management Elizabeth Field about the performance of the 14 companies that manage military housing.

“Are any of them not acting like slumlords at this point? Are any of them doing a good job?” McSally asked. 

Field said she would not want to characterize any individual company as good across the board or bad across the board. 

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