ASU Library Map And Geospatial Hub Relocating, Giving Away Maps

By Nakiesha Johnson
Published: Monday, December 2, 2019 - 5:05am
Updated: Monday, December 2, 2019 - 10:27am

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A-S-U’s, Library Map and Geospatial Hub giving away hundred of maps
Lacey Prescott/Map and Geospatial Hub
The ASU Library Map and Geospatial Hub is relocating to the Hayden Library.

The ASU Library Map and Geospatial Hub is relocating to the Hayden Library. For space reasons, it is giving away hundreds of maps to the public. The library already has given away more than 50,000 maps over the past two and a half years. 

“We’ve done big patch and bulk loads of re-purposing maps. We’ve done creative events where we invite the community to come and do literal crafting and making collaging and mosaic-ing out of maps," said Matthew Toro with the Map and Geospatial Hub at ASU. 

The library is promoting a Grand Map Giveaway on Dec. 6 to get rid of as many maps as possible before moving. It is currently located on ASU’s main, Tempe campus in the Noble Science and Engineering Library.

The Map and Geospatial Hub has been planning the relocation for about three years by giving away thousands of maps. Even though their new location is smaller in size, they will have new interactive technology. 

“We’re really moving away from the model, strictly where people come to take the map and trying to move towards a model where people actually learn how to do their own mapping and really learn how to make their own maps," Toro said. 

The library will be closed the first three weeks of December and opening back up to the public, as well as the rest of Hayden Library in January 2020.