Horne: Complaint not based on direct evidence

April 04, 2012

Arizona Attorney General Tom Horne says the employee who alleged campaign finance violations against him did so without any direct evidence. Horne defended himself again Wednesday against the complaint filed with the Secretary of State’s office. From Phoenix, KJZZ’s Mark Brodie reports.

MARK BRODIE: Don Dybus has alleged Horne illegally coordinated with an independent expenditure group during the 2010 campaign, and then hired the group’s chairwoman. Horne has denied the allegations, and now says Dybus made the charges in an effort to keep his job.

Tom Horne Arizona Attorney General Tom Horne (Photo by Mark Brodie - KJZZ)

TOM HORNE: He issued this criticism for which he had no basis in order to put a cloud over any termination, which he knew was imminent. We’re going to proceed properly. If he doesn’t do competent work, we’re not keeping him on taxpayer salary. If he does competent work, then he’ll stay.

BRODIE: For his part, Don Dybus stands by his complaint, and says abiding by the law was his only motivation in filing it. Dybus didn’t want to speak on tape, but in an interview, said he’s been told numerous times over the past year that he was close to being fired, and disputed Horne’s characterization of his work as not up to standard. Dybus also said evidence is evidence, and that his complaint was based on inferences made based on public records, not speculation.

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