How Can Americans Live Healthier As They Get Older?

By Steve Goldstein, Kaely Monahan
Published: Monday, November 4, 2019 - 12:17pm
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More of us are generally living longer. With that comes an increase in a number of illnesses and diseases, including Alzheimer’s and multiple forms of cancer. That means there’s a need to find and train more people to care for aging Americans.

At the same time, though, what can be done to live healthier lives in those extended periods?

That’s part of the work done by Esther Sternberg, director of the University of Arizona’s Institute on Place Wellbeing and Performance. She discovered some of the tenets of healthy aging when she was visiting friends on the island of Crete and saw a combination of diet, spirituality and sleep — among other things.

The Show spoke with her and asked whether those elements could be transferred to everyday life in the U.S.

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