AIA Completes Investigation Into Former Mountain Pointe Coach's Activities

Published: Wednesday, October 23, 2019 - 9:34am
Tempe Union High School District
Justin Hager

An investigation into the activities of a former Mountain Pointe High School coach is now complete. Former assistant football coach Justin Hager was fired about three weeks ago for sharing player information with other teams.

Seth Polansky works for the Arizona Interscholastic Association that conducted the investigation. Polansky said when other schools received the coach’s emails, they chose not to use the information.

“These schools and these districts had done IT checks and systems checks for the correspondence," Polansky said. "Where did the email come from? Where did it go? Trying to track it down electronically. And in just about all cases, when it came in, those messages were deleted.”

The district governing board charged Hager with unprofessional conduct and improper use of district technology earlier this month.

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