Grand Canyon In Water Conservation Effort After Water Pump Leak

By Madeline Nelson
Published: Thursday, October 10, 2019 - 4:43pm
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Due to a leak in a water pump, the South Rim of the Grand Canyon has entered a water-conservation effort.

The Grand Canyon is currently working on a pump house replacement project. During the initial phase, a leak was discovered in one of the pumps.

This caused the South Rim to enter water-conservation mode, which means residents within the park were asked to reduce their water use by refraining from washing cars and cutting back time in the shower.

The National Park Service said water was shut off for a few filling stations along trails but they are now back in use. The South Rim remains in conservation mode.

The Park Service said the North Rim is heading into reduced use for the winter, although this weekend is expected to be busy while people get in one last hike.

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