AZ Senate approves IRC cash

March 21, 2012

The state Senate has followed the House’s lead, and approved $700,000 for the Independent Redistricting Commission. The panel says it needs the money to pay its bills. From Phoenix, KJZZ’s Mark Brodie reports.

MARK BRODIE: The IRC had originally asked for a little more than $1 million in supplemental funding. And, approving the $700,000 was a hold-your-nose moment for many Senators, including Majority Leader Andy Biggs.

ANDY BIGGS: Do I think they’re actions have been unreasonable and extra-Constitutional at times? I do. Do I think the Supreme Court has overstepped its bounds? I do. But that doesn’t mean that we ought to shirk our Constitutional responsibility.

BRODIE: The IRC’s Executive Director, Ray Bladine, has said the $700,000 will pay the panel’s current bills, but he did not rule out the possibility of having to ask lawmakers for more money, depending on potential lawsuits. One of those could come from House Speaker Andy Tobin, who’s indicated he may sue the commission over its maps.

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