Scoop Up Arizona-Ready Plant Seeds At The Great American Seed Up

By Katie Campbell, Mark Brodie, Steve Goldstein
Published: Friday, September 27, 2019 - 11:00am
Updated: Friday, September 27, 2019 - 11:19am

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Great American Seed-Up
Great American Seed-Up
There are 60 different varieties of seeds available at the Great American Seed-Up.

MARK BRODIE: Steve, it seems like it's finally, finally starting to cool down a little bit.

STEVE GOLDSTEIN: Now I know you have a green thumb, so this means you'll actually be able to keep some plants alive.

BRODIE: Could be a bit of a stretch. It’s funny you mention that, though, because the Great American Seed Up is back to help local folks with a green thumb get their vegetable gardens back up and running.

GOLDSTEIN: Did you say Great American Seed Up? What is that?

BRODIE: Well, let the Urban Farm’s Greg Peterson explain that.

GREG PETERSON: I am fired up, let's go! We are in for an epic event here. What we're doing in here is we have 60 different varieties of seeds, and people pretty soon are going to be coming in and scooping them up. It is an amazing way to invigorate your community with inexpensive seeds.

GOLDSTEIN: Wow, Greg is jacked up about seeds.

BRODIE: How could he not be, Steve? The Seed Up is today and tomorrow at the North Phoenix Baptist Church, where you usually find the Uptown Farmers Market. This weekend, though, you'll also find bowls full of nearly 100 varieties of climate appropriate seeds, ready to be scooped up and planted, saved or shared. And they’ll all be available at a discounted bulk price.

GOLDSTEIN: OK, I'm already getting ready for that nice, fresh produce you're going to bring me in a few months, right?

BRODIE: I'll have a salad for you, absolutely. They’re definitely going to have some pretty special seeds for that to happen. For me to be actually able to grow them.

GOLDSTEIN: Well you know — you know this well — I always have faith in you.

BRODIE: That is kind of you. Don’t hold your breath on that.

GOLDSTEIN: Well, I just don't want to squash your dreams.

BRODIE: You really said that. Alright, well, I see you that and tell you that now, lettuce move on from that.

GOLDSTEIN: Yes. Thank you.

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