Pearce supporters think he'll fare better in a partisan primary

March 20, 2012

Russell Pearce supporters say that one reason he lost his seat in the state Senate last fall was because the recall election was open to Democratic voters. Pearce announced Monday he’s running again for state Senate -- and this time, he’ll face a Republican challenger in a primary where only Republicans and Independents can vote. From Phoenix, Devin Browne reports.

DEVIN BROWNE: The man challenging Russell Pearce is a Mormon, Republican businessman named Bob Worsely. In many ways, Worsley is similar to Jerry Lewis who defeated Pearce in the recall election last fall. The difference is this time much of the race will be determined in the primary and not a general election -- Democrats won’t be able to vote as Democrats. Randy Parraz, who led the campaign to recall Pearce, says this will not stop them from participating.

RANDY PARRAZ: They have every right to change their party affiliation. They have every right to vote if they like to. Most people, especially Democrats, know that their vote just does not count if they wait until the general election, surely they’re going to be motivated to exercise their right to vote in the primary.

BROWNE: Voters will cast their ballots in the primary on August 28.

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