More Arizona Volunteers Head To Florida To Help With Hurricane Dorian

By Nakiesha Johnson, Scott Bourque
Published: Saturday, August 31, 2019 - 1:18pm
Updated: Saturday, August 31, 2019 - 2:32pm

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Hurricane Dorian
Satellite image of Hurricane Dorian taken Aug. 29, 2019.

In preparation for Hurricane Dorian, the Phoenix Fire Department sent a disaster task force to Tallahassee on Friday. More Arizonans are headed that way.

Volunteers from the Arizona Red Cross are headed to the Southeast in anticipation of Hurricane Dorian, which is expected to bring significant wind and rain. 

Spokesman Colin Williams says his contingency is hoping the hurricane stays on a path that avoids the state, but they are prepared for the worst.

"Once the storm makes landfall and it’s deemed the volunteers and recovery personnel can get into the affected areas, when it’s safe, that’s when they’ll be dispatched into those areas," he said. 

If the hurricane makes a worst-case-scenario landfall in Florida, experts estimate up to 50,000 people may need emergency shelters. 

"Power lines will be down, infrastructure will be damaged, they are truly disasters," Williams said. 

The 12 volunteers will join upwards of 600 other Red Cross volunteers from around the country. 

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