Commuters should seek alternative transit during bus strike

March 12, 2012

There’s no end in sight to a walk-out by bus drivers in Phoenix and Tempe. That means commuters are dealing with the first work day of interrupted service today.

Phoenix transit officials say service on the Veolia transportation lines is running at about 14 percent this morning.

 Interim Transit Director Neal Young says the best thing you can do is find an alterative route to get where you’re going.

 “No routes are completely canceled as the result of the strike, however, you need to check the website because on the website we list which routes have service, and how frequently,” Young said.

 Veolia and the transit union have a negotiating session set for tomorrow.

Phoenix Mayor Greg Stanton issued a statement urging both sides to work together for the benefit of passengers.

“I have made this clear to both sides. I fully expect that they will stop the quarreling, get a grasp on the big picture and resolve this issue so our city’s residents can continue to live their lives, utilize our bus service and continue the momentum this city has to recover and succeed," Stanton said.

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