Experts: Hackers Targeting Smaller Businesses That Have Lack Of Security, Awareness

By Nakiesha Johnson
Published: Saturday, August 24, 2019 - 5:05am

Within the last month, the Camp Verde School District's computer system was hacked, forcing the district to process papers and invoices manually. Earlier this week, 22 cities and towns in Texas had their computer systems hacked.

Computer experts say hackers are targeting smaller businesses and organizations due to a lack of security or awareness.

Hackers are tricking companies and individuals with phishing emails tailored to look like legitimate emails. That’s according to Steve Woods, with Tech 4 Life. He said clicking on the email bypasses all security systems allowing hackers access to their information.

Woods explains what these companies can do to help protect their systems.

“Firewalls and virus early detection is half of the battle. If you can find out what’s going on before it actually happens that gives you a head start. Simple things like shutting off all the computers at night is now a factor because a computer that is not on can’t be ransomed or hacked,” Woods said. 

Woods said not saving passwords and logins on computers helps protect private information. 

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