Allegiant Expands Flight Service, Name Recognition

By Paul Atkinson
Published: Saturday, August 17, 2019 - 5:05am
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Allegiant announced plans this week to add new flights from Phoenix Mesa Gateway Airport and Tucson International. The low-cost airline is making a big push in the travel industry.

It mostly flies to more than 100 smaller destinations. Places like Rapid City, South Dakota; Cedar Rapids, Iowa; or Grand Rapids, Michigan. 

In addition to adding dozens of new flights, the Las Vegas-based airline shelled out millions for naming rights for that city’s new NFL stadium. And it’s building a 680-room waterfront resort on the Florida coast.

“And their idea is they are going to take the people who fly on Allegiant and then give them a nice place to go to in Florida and they want to control the entire travel experience,” said Holly Hegeman, publisher of the PlaneBusiness Banter newsletter.

Hegeman said Allegiant’s reputation had been tarnished for flying older aircraft that broke down frequently but has since modernized its fleet.

The carrier offers infrequent low-cost flights and profits from seat, luggage and other flight-related fees.