Lawmakers seek power in Arizona Corporation Commission decisions

March 07, 2012

One of the bills gaining momentum in the state legislature would give the governor and lawmakers more control over some of the decisions made by the Arizona Corporation Commission. Some argue the law is unconstitutional, but supporters say they’re merely trying to set up a system of checks and balances.

Former Commission chair Kris Mayes says the bill is not only extremely unconstitutional, but it also sends the wrong message to people in the solar and renewable energy industries. Mayes says a lot of these businesses are employing people in a tough economy, and they’re relying on policy makers to stay the course. State representative John Kavanaugh says the bill isn’t biased on any issue, and isn’t pro- or anti- anything that the Corporation Commission does. Kavanaugh says if the Commission wants to be involved in policy they should share the role with the state legislature.

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