Chandler schools will soon see effect of new USDA meal guidelines

March 06, 2012

New federal guidelines for school meals will take effect starting with the next school year. As KJZZ’s Terry Ward reports, the idea is to better address the national epidemic of childhood obesity.

TERRY WARD: The USDA announced last month new guidelines for nutrition that will get more whole grains, fruits and vegetables on school breakfast and lunch trays. Catherine Giza, Director of Nutrition for the Chandler School district says students will notice the changes starting in August.

CATHERINE GIZA: Kids will leave the serving line with a fruit or a vegetable. That’s probably the biggest change.

WARD: Giza says many districts across the country have already launched a healthy-meals program. She says the effort has been well-received by students.

GIZA: We make things like whole grain muffins, sweet potatoes and we find kids like homemade items. Kids are open to it.

WARD: The new guidelines establish a calorie range for school lunches – about one-third of the Recommended Daily Allowance or about 600 calories.

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