Shutdown of criminal activity could affect personal computers

March 05, 2012

DENNIS LAMBERT: Your computer could be facing a major problem this week. Ken Colburn, CEO of Tempe based Data Docs, says the problem is likely to come Thursday as servers on so-called ‘botnets’ that were sending surfers to bogus websites, are shut down for good.

KEN COLBURN: They’re trying to get the word out to have everyone check their computers to make sure they’re not infected with this Trojan so that when they shut down these DNS servers on the [March] 8th, no one gets cut off from the internet.

LAMBERT: Colburn says this is a serious and widespread criminal threat that can affect both Windows and Mac computers, and he says the procedures for detecting the Trojan malware are different for each machine. If you’re infected, Colburn says only a computer professional will be able to clean out your machine.

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