New traffic ramps on SR 143 to open

March 05, 2012

DENNIS LAMBERT: Access to Sky Harbor Airport just got easier with the opening this morning of new ramps carrying traffic directly out of Sky Harbor airport on the southbound 143. KJZZ’s Terry Ward joins me in studio. Terry, what are the key elements here for drivers?

TERRY WARD: Dennis, this project is all about getting traffic to and from the airport. Starting today, if you are leaving the airport eastbound, (Terminal 4) you’ll be able to ramp onto the southbound 143. That’ll make access to eastbound 10 much easier.

DOUG NINTZEL: And it really is modernizing, overhauling the interchange that links State Route 143 and Sky Harbor Boulevard. It’s going to help with access to points such as the Broadway Curve of I-10, saving travelers some valuable minutes.

WARD: That’s ADOT spokesman Doug Nintzel. He also says that today marks the opening of another ramp – If you are westbound on Sky Harbor Blvd, you can ramp onto the southbound 143. And in the future – after this project is complete by this summer – you’ll also have easier access to the airport if you are approaching from the north. This is a bit difficult to explain on the radio but you can go to our website – and you’ll find a link to the ADOT website and see their map. You’ll get a visual on this and that’ll make it clear.

State Route 143 (Hohokam Expressway) Map

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