Mexico, U.S. Plan To Create Energy Block

By Rodrigo Cervantes
November 20, 2017
Rodrigo Cervantes - KJZZ
From left to right: Mexico’s Commissioner for Energy Regulation, Guillermo García Alcocer, with the presidents of Tec de Monterrey and and UT-Austin, Salvador Alva and Gregory Fenves, signing an academic agreement in Monterrey, Mexico.

MONTERREY — Mexico and the U.S. are planning to create a cross border energy relationship that ultimately will eliminate both countries dependence on the rest of the world for oil, electricity and natural gas.

Both countries are working on several strategies to continue sharing energy resources and increase their strength as a region.

"The relationship between Mexico and the U.S. is very positive, energy-wise.  We held a forum last week in Houston with staff of state secretaries and regulators from both countries and there is a lot of optimism," said Guillermo García Alcocer, president of Mexico’s Commission for Energy Regulation.

García Alcocer said that representatives from both countries committed to make the North American region independent from the rest of the world.

"We have a very dynamic relationship in our production. We exchange electricity, oil and gas, and I think it's good news that we have a shared vision of North America as a whole," the commissioner stated.

As for the energy exchange in the Sonora-Arizona region, García Alcocer says that power interconnectivity is making progress, while gas investment keeps growing. The goal is to double the number of pipes that feed gas from the US to Mexico.

"We share the same vision and objectives as a common market," García Alcocer said.