Mexican Mining Safety Raises Opportunities For Arizona Companies

By Rodrigo Cervantes
October 27, 2017

MEXICO CITY — Mining is one of the top industries in Mexico and Arizona. But some Arizona companies are looking for new opportunities outside the state. On the other side of the border, mining safety and security are becoming more relevant than ever.

Business opportunities for Arizona in the Mexican mining industry go beyond exploration and excavation.

The Arizona Commerce Authority and the state’s trade office in Mexico participated in the country’s largest mining conference in Guadalajara.

Among the Arizona businesses that traveled to Mexico was Southwest Microwave, specializing in security perimeters.

“Mining is one of the key industry worldwide and they fit perfectly in the industry that we cater, as they do have what we call critical infrastructure,” said Sergio Rivera, Southwest Microwave's sales manager for Latin America. He says it’s their first attempt to penetrate the mining market.

David Contreras is the general manager of Driver Industrial, a Phoenix-based company focused on mining safety products. The company expects to grow its presence in Mexico, as workers’ safety concerns increase.

“The industry in Mexico´s safety is not as regulated as Latin America or big mining countries like Chile, Canada, Peru, Australia, but the market is changing now,” Contreras said.

Both Contreras and Rivera considered that the growth of the mining industry in Mexico will demand better rules and more protection to the industry’s assets.