Mexico Faces Earthquake Aftermath; Cancels Help To Texas

A National Seismologic Service monitor
Head of Government Mexico City
By Rodrigo Cervantes
September 11, 2017

MEXICO CITY — Mexico is still facing the devastation left by last Thursday’s earthquake, its strongest recorded so far.

And as the death toll keeps rising, the Mexican government is helping affected communities — leaving Texas behind.

The 8.2 earthquake that shook Central and South Mexico has left at least 95 people dead, according to official data.

The damaged areas are mostly coastal towns in the states of Chiapas and Oaxaca. The earthquake killed at least 70 people in Oaxaca alone.

The Mexican government declared three days of grief, while sending food, water and the army to help thousands of survivors.

In the aftermath of the earthquake and Hurricane Katia, the Mexican government says it no longer has the capacity to help Texas with relief from Hurricane Harvey.