Nogales, Arizona, Looking To Expand City Limits

By Chloe Jones
Published: Monday, July 22, 2019 - 5:45pm
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The border city of Nogales, Arizona, is considering expanding its borders to grow its population. 

Nogales, Arizona’s economy is dependent on sales tax revenue. That’s according to Mayor Arturo Garino. He proposed annexation when he served in his first term as mayor from 2011-2014, but it did not work out.

Garino is confident this time, the result will be different.

“The hardest part is getting the signatures and convincing people within that area that they do want to be in the city limits. I foresee that they will want to be part of it because we have a great police department and fire department and a fire station right near the city limits, which would be responding to that area," Garino said. 

Garino said the Nogales police and fire departments could get to the communities faster than other districts because it is closer.

The area he is looking at is north of the city and would absorb some of the Coconino National Forest, some neighborhoods and a popular truck stop.

Garino said the population would increase by nearly 1,500, adding more sales tax and more opportunity for federal funding.