Unusual School Shooting In Mexico Generates Concern

By Rodrigo Cervantes
January 19, 2017

A school shooting surprised many in Mexico on Wednesday, when a teenage boy opened fire in a private school in Monterrey, shooting four.

Police said the 15 year-old student shot his teacher and three classmates before killing himself in his classroom at Colegio Americano del Noreste.

The school shooting resembles similar tragedies in the U.S., but is uncommon in Mexico. Officials said the boy brought the firearm from home.

By Wednesday evening, the teacher and two students remained in critical condition.   

The incident brought concerns from the government and public opinion after the publication of a video on the internet.  

The video, allegedly from the classroom’s surveillance camera, shows the shooting and was uploaded anonymously on web-based video channels.

The Mexican government immediately requested media and citizens to stop reproducing the content to respect the underaged students in the video and the families of the affected.