Arizona River Stories: Christa Sadler

By Laurel Morales
August 09, 2016
(Courtesy Christa Sadler)
Sadler has been a river guide for three decades.

In the dog days of summer in Arizona, many people escape the heat for a float down the river. Most return home with a good story. In Flagstaff, river guides often take great pride in the craft of weaving a good yarn.

In our series, "Arizona River Stories," we'll hear tales from five of these storytellers.

Christa Sadler has been guiding for three decades. She’s the author of "There’s This River - Grand Canyon Boatman Stories."

One of the things Sadler loves most about the river is the escape from the daily stresses outside the Grand Canyon. But on 9/11, while out on a 16-day rowing trip, she and her group felt more removed from life beyond the rim than ever before.

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