Heated Testimony Before The Arizona Corporation Commission

By Dennis Lambert
Published: Thursday, November 14, 2013 - 2:19pm
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An effort by Arizona Public Service to require new solar customers to help pay the cost of maintaining the electrical grid is leading to some heated testimony before the state Corporation Commission. APS said it is only fair solar users share in net metering, rather than passing the costs to non-solar customers. 

Former Commissioner Renz Jennings accused APS of trying to fleece solar users, like himself.

“It would seem that APS doesn’t trust you to make a fair decision without spending millions of dollars on ads with fake customers and cooked data. Consumers depend on the commission to get stuff right and be a check against monopoly abuse," Jennings said.

Several opponents of the proposal urged the commission not to make a decision until the next APS rate case, in 2015, but former commission staffer Gary Yaquinto, now of the Arizona Investment Council, urged the panel to change the system before it grows into an even more difficult problem and one he says will be tougher to manage, down the road. 

The two-day hearing continues this morning.

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