Disability Advocacy Group Weighs In On Report On 2020 Candidates

Published: Wednesday, June 26, 2019 - 5:04pm

Earlier this week, the national disability advocacy group RespectAbility issued a report about how plugged in the 2020 Democratic candidates are to the disability community.

Of the nearly two dozen candidates for the presidency, only a handful participated in RespectAbility’s nonpartisan briefing and fewer than that answered a question about including people with disabilities in their campaign.

Phil Pangrazio is the president and CEO of Ability 360, a disability advocacy group.

"I think that the ones that did are smart because people are watching that kind of thing. The ones that are going to ignore issues that are important to people with disabilities, that may cost them," Pangrazio said. 

For Pangrazio, those issues include employment, enforcement of the Americans with Disabilities Act and funding of Medicaid Services.

Ability 360 and other disability organizations are already working to make sure that come election day, polling places are accessible. 

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