Packages Of Marijuana Clog Sewer Line In Nogales

By Kate Sheehy
July 08, 2015
Office of Nogales City Manager
Waste spilled out of this house in Nogales where authorities found an underground tunnel leading to the sewer line.
Office of Nogales City Manager
About 50 to 60 pounds of marijuana caused the backup in a sewer line running from Mexico through Nogales.
Office of Nogales City Manager
A crew in Nogales works to clear packages of marijuana from the sewer line.

TUCSON - An international sewer line in Nogales has been cleared of packages of drugs that caused a backup of waste. On Wednesday evening, authorities said the investigation was ongoing and no arrests had been made.

Authorities found about 50 to 60 pounds of marijuana in the sewer line. The bundles of drugs caused waste to spill into a home where an illegal underground tunnel was found leading to the pipe.  

“There was raw sewage coming out of every nook and cranny of that house,” said Nogales City Manager Shane Dille.

Dille said authorities believe the house was being used to receive drugs coming through the sewer from Mexico. He said service was not interrupted at any other properties in the area, with the exception of one business.

Dille said the owner of the house lives out of state and has been contacted, but it's unknown at this time if someone was renting the house.  

He said border communities, such as Nogales, get labeled as dangerous places to live.

“Despite what unfortunately sometimes happens in these border communities, it’s a great place to live,” Dille said.

He said the city hoped to have the sewer line repaired by Wednesday evening.