Arizona Moves To Revoke License Of Embattled Phoenix Hacienda HealthCare After Maggots Found On Resident

By Kathy Ritchie, Steve Goldstein
Published: Saturday, June 15, 2019 - 9:46am
Updated: Monday, June 17, 2019 - 10:27am

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Hacienda HealthCare
Sky Schaudt/KJZZ
Hacienda HealthCare in south Phoenix.

The Arizona Department of Health Services has issued a notice of intent to revoke the license of Hacienda HealthCare, a Phoenix care facility where an incapacitated woman was raped and gave birth to a baby boy.

The state health department said late Friday that the decision was made after the discovery of several maggots near a 28-year-old resident’s tracheotomy incision.

David Leibowitz, a spokesman for Hacienda, issued the following statement to KJZZ on Saturday:

"Earlier this week, a 28-year-old Hacienda HealthCare resident was found to have several maggots collected beneath his gauze bandage near his stoma incision. Hacienda immediately had the patient transported to a local hospital for treatment. The leadership team swiftly self-reported the situation to the relevant oversight agencies.

Since then, agency personnel and healthcare professionals have comprehensively surveyed the Hacienda ICF and SNF units, with no issues identified. Every Hacienda resident with a surgical incision has been given a thorough physical – again with no findings of any issues. Pest control workers have been all through the premises twice in the past 48 hours. Also, a contractor is in the process of installing doorway blower fans meant to keep out insects like flies, which can come indoors and lay eggs that could have created a situation like this.

No other Hacienda resident has been similarly impacted. Even so, we will continue to monitor every resident closely to ensure their health and physical well-being."

A spokesperson for the state health department says there are no plans to move residents at this time, and the intent is to ensure continuity of care. Hacienda can request a hearing in 30 days. After that, it can request an informal settlement conference where the parties can agree to terms to vacate the notice.

On Thursday, the Phoenix Police Department released a 600-page report into the investigation of the rape of the incapacitated patient who gave birth in December.

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