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There are More financial details surrounding the proposed arena deal between the city of Phoenix and the Phoenix Suns. It’s the first time the city has publicly shared a breakdown of what it will cost to renovate Talking Stick Resort Arena.
11 hours ago
AZ Lawmaker Looks To Change Hacienda
In the late 1990s, the Arizona Legislature passed a bill that exempted intermediate care facilities, like the one where a 29 year old comatose woman was sexually abused, from being licensed by the Arizona Department of Health Services.
8 hours ago
Unemployment Rate Up In Arizona
The state's jobless rate ticked up a tenth of a point in December as companies shed employees. New figures from the Office of Economic Opportunity put the seasonally adjusted unemployment rate at 4.8 percent. That is the result, at least in part, of private sector employment dropping by about 1,900 jobs.
AZ Cities And Farmers Battle Over Water Priorities
Jan. 31 is the looming deadline for the Arizona legislature to approve the Drought Contingency Plan, known as the DCP. As a reminder, Arizona has been in a critical drought for almost 20 years.
Pinal Farmers Warned Against Demanding More Water
An organization that represents major Arizona cities is warning Pinal County farmers not to demand more water from the proposed drought contingency plan. Warren Tenney, the executive director of the Arizona Municipal Water Users Association, says he believes enough is enough.
Tucson, Pima County Sue Opioid Companies
Pima County and the City of Tucson are the latest to sue opioid companies for their role in the country’s addiction and overdose crisis.
Marijuana Use Increasing In Arizona
The amount of marijuana being purchased and consumed in Arizona is up. New figures from the Department of Health Services show that in 2018, Arizonans smoked, ate or otherwise consumed nearly 60 tons of the drug.
Digital First Media is a subsidiary of a hedge fund called Alden Global Capital. You may not know the name, but newspapers across the country do. Now, that hedge fund has made a bid to buy Gannett, which owns the Arizona Republic.
Dollar Store Distress: Stores Increase, Grocers Struggle
The number of dollar stores has grown over the past seven years, from 20,000 to nearly 30,000 nationwide. That’s according to a new analysis from the Institute for Local Self-Reliance, which argues these stores are causing economic distress, especially in the grocery market.
More Pot Sold In AZ Than Expected For License Holders
The Arizona Department of Health Services reports that the pounds upon pounds of medical marijuana are coming in faster than the rate of the number of people signed up for medical marijuana licenses.
What Affect Does Lobbying By Former Members Of Congress Have?
The U.S. has strict rules on how soon after leaving office a retired or defeated member of congress can officially lobby his or her former colleagues. But many firms are eager to scoop up those politicos because of the relationships they’ve forged.
Can Blockchain Technology Be Used For Immigration?
Blockchain technology is mainly known as a digital ledger to record cryptocurrency transactions, like Bitcoin. But people are also coming up with other potential uses for the technology, including in the area of immigration.
Third Party To Run Center Where Comatose Woman Had Baby
The parents of an Arizona comatose woman who gave birth last month as a result of a rape hope an outside review of the Phoenix facility where she lived will lead to change, a lawyer for the family said Wednesday.
USDA Proposes Stricter Requirements For SNAP Program
The USDA is proposing that they require stricter compliance with rules: that some SNAP recipients must be working, in school or in a training program in order to receive their benefits. There was a similar provision in the recently-approved Farm Bill, but it did not make it into the final version.
USDA Issues SNAP Benefits Early In Light Of The Shutdown
As the federal government shutdown continues into its 26th day, the USDA’s Food and Nutrition Service is moving to make sure families still get some benefits they depend upon.
Are Massive Federal Deficits The New Normal?
The U.S. economy is still showing a lot of positive signs — with growth continuing to excel and unemployment remaining low. But huge tax cuts and significant spending have contributed to a federal deficit approaching $1 trillion.
Arizona Corporation Commission Gets New Leadership
There is new leadership at the Arizona Corporation Commission. Burns, a former Arizona senate president, is in the midst of his second term on the commission, which regulates water and power companies. He’s also been the most vocal critic of APS.
The Takeaway: Calculating The Costs Of The Longest Government Shutdown In History
The government shutdown is now the longest in U.S. history, with no end in sight. And although it might seem counter-intuitive, shutdowns wind up costing the economy more money than it would to simply keep everything running.
Many states in Mexico, including its capital, have experienced severe fuel shortages for days. The Mexican administration says it’s the result of temporarily closing gas pipelines to stop illegal fuel taps. But many are skeptical.
New Navajo President Faces Big Economic Challenges
Jonathan Nez was sworn in Tuesday as the new president of the country’s largest Native American reservation.
Tempe Adopts Rules For Electric Scooters, Bikes
The annual license will cost companies almost $7,888. They will also have to pay $1.06 a day per vehicle and be responsible for paying a $100 relocation fee if Tempe staff have to move scooters or bikes.