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Arizona may have a booming medical marijuana industry. But a recent court ruling could jeopardize one of the fastest growing products — cannabis oil. The case is expected to reach the state's highest court. And it's revealing how the industry is still struggling to find legitimacy, even as more people than ever use marijuana.
Part 1: Concern And Confusion
Valley Metro Asks Council To Approve 2-Lane Light Rail Extension
Despite some opposition to extending light rail into south Phoenix, Valley Metro wants to stay the course. At a special meeting scheduled for Wednesday, the council will be asked to approve the two-lane design, which will reduce Central Avenue to one lane for vehicles in each direction.
Q&AZ: How Much Money Is Allocated For Public Mental Health Services?
Ninety-one percent of the $2,344,672,606 spent by the The Arizona Health Care Cost Containment system in fiscal year 2017 went to programs connected to Medicaid and KidsCare, the state’s health insurance program for low-income children.
Pumpkin Spice Means Fall — Even When It
Saturday is officially the first day of fall and, for some people, that means one thing: pumpkins! But if you don’t like corn mazes or apple picking, you still have pumpkin spice and the pumpkin spice latte.
Navajo Generating Station Continues To Face Uncertain Future
The largest coal power plant in the Western U.S., the Navajo Generating Station, plans to shut down in 2019, that is, unless another buyer can be found.
AZ Corporate Commission Candidates Debate Before Election
The four candidates vying to be Arizona’s newest utility regulators sparred on Thursday. The Arizona Corporation Commission has two seats up for grabs, and the outcome of the November election could significantly shift the power dynamic.
Cochise County To Hold Town Hall On Sewage Concerns
Health officials in Cochise County have called a town hall meeting for Friday night to address health concerns from a massive, ongoing sewage spill from Mexico.
Travel Center Part Of  Navajo I-40 Area Plan
This is part of a larger push to bring housing, entertainment, a shopping center and other businesses to the region.
Companies Back Out Of NGS Purchase
Two companies that had planned to take over the west’s largest coal-fired power plant have ended their efforts to acquire it.
Phoenix Entrepreneurs Visit Mexico City To Learn, Expand
A group of entrepreneurs from Arizona visited Mexico City this week. And the goal of this business trip was to get a better understanding of another culture, while building partnerships.
Arizona Construction Jobs On The Rise
The Arizona construction industry has added 900 jobs in the past month and over 15,000 in the past year, according to figures released Thursday by the Office of Economic Opportunity.
More Americans Are Eating At Home
There’s something comforting about home cooking. And, even though a lot of restaurants advertise that their cooking is as good as your mother’s, recent data shows that more Americans are staying in than they did a decade ago.
AZ Federal Outdoors Program Needs Reauthorization
The Interior Department says Arizona will get $2 million from the Land and Water Conservation Fund. Without congressional action, the program is scheduled to lapse at the end of the month. But last week, the U.S. House Natural Resources Committee approved a bill to reauthorize it.
How One Man’s Arrest Could Derail Medical Marijuana In Arizona
The arrest of a patient in Arizona is threatening to upend the state’s medical marijuana industry. It’s a case likely headed to the Arizona Supreme Court. The second part in a series about the issues surrounding medical marijuana laws in Arizona looks at how the case began.
Part 1: Concern And Confusion
Podcast Playlist: The Indicator — Weed GDP
When Canada said it would legalize recreational marijuana, some people thought: I am going to have an amazing party. Others worried about what to tell their kids. James Tebrake had a different thought: What happens to a country's economy when a popular drug goes from being illegal to being legal?
Loan Offers Phoenix Workers
A new loan program that will be offered to Phoenix employees is raising some eyebrows.
Author: America
The American dream is a very distant dream for a growing number of Americans who wonder whether opportunities — especially educational and financial — are beyond their reach. Author Steven Brill argues this development is five decades in the making.
How To Know Which College To Attend
U.S. News and World Report earlier this month unveiled its 2019 Best Colleges Rankings. But John Byrnes argues these rankings, and others, are flawed and should not be the be all and end all of where a student goes to college.
How Does Arizona Fair On Family And Medical Leave?
It’s been 25 years since the Family and Medical Leave Act was approved by the federal government, and in the years since then, half of the states haven’t moved beyond the basics related to protection of unpaid leave.
Concern Raised On Wording For Clean Energy Initiative
Backers of the Clean Energy for a Healthy Arizona initiative have fought — and won — court challenges over its so-called “misleading language,” and now there’s new back-and-forth on the wording of this.
The Takeaway: Trump
The Trump administration announced another round of tariffs on a list of nearly 6,000 different kinds of goods imported from China, this week. China struck back with additional $60 billion dollars in tariffs on American goods.