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Suit: Strip clubs spiked drinks, faked $187K charge
Patrons of strip clubs in Scottsdale and Tempe claim they were drugged, kidnapped and had their credit cards charged as much as $187,000 for a night of entertainment. They are plaintiffs in a RICO lawsuit typically used against organized crime syndicates and terrorists.
March 27, 2024
Prickly podcast: Little-known election with big impact
While most of the focus in Arizona recently has been on last week’s presidential preference election, there’s another election going on that could have wide-ranging effects on many residents’ everyday lives.
March 27, 2024
Phoenix will require city contractors to have a heat-safety plan
Phoenix will require contractors with employees working outside to follow measures intended to prevent heat injury and illness following a City Council vote Tuesday. Officials estimate the move will affect about 10,000 workers.
March 27, 2024
Program brings shade trees to low-income schools
As the weather begins to warm up, the city of Phoenix is kicking off a new program to plant more shade trees around schools.
March 26, 2024
GOP resolution would make tips exception to $18 Arizona minimum wage initiative
GOP lawmakers at the state Capitol are advancing a measure that would let businesses pay employees who work for tips less than the minimum wage. It’s a ballot referral that, if passed, would let voters decide the issue.
March 26, 2024
Hearing set on FTCs proposed rule to ban junk fees
The Federal Trade Commission has pitched a rule to forbid so-called junk fees. A virtual hearing is scheduled at 10 a.m. April 24.
March 25, 2024
Mexicos suit against AZ gun stores to move forward
A lawsuit brought by the government of Mexico against five Arizona gun stores is allowed to move forward. It’s the latest movement on a pair of cases filed by Mexico over guns trafficked across the border.
March 25, 2024
The U.S. has been fighting poverty for decades. One expert says it doesn’t have to be this way
The U.S. Census Bureau estimated more than 11% of the country’s population was at or below the poverty line. Matt Desmond, though, says there are things all of us can do to try to reduce that number.
March 25, 2024
Scottsdale residents can offer input on changes to code for short-term rentals
Scottsdale residents have until March 31 to provide feedback on three proposed amendments to city code that help to regulate short-term rentals.
March 25, 2024
Phoenix restaurant Barrio Café closing after more than 20 years in business
The popular Phoenix restaurant Barrio Café announced last week it would be closing down in May. Chef Silvana Salcido Esparza said she would be retiring after more than two decades in business
March 24, 2024
AG asking court to take control of assisted living facility
The Arizona Attorney General is asking a court to take control of a Mesa assisted living facility. Last week, Attorney General Kris Mayes filed a lawsuit alleging elder abuse and consumer fraud by the owners of Heritage Village Assisted Living.
March 24, 2024
Home designed by Al Beadle could be demolished
A historic Phoenix home designed by famed architect Al Beadle could be demolished after it was recently purchased. Known as White Gates, the white rectangular home was built in 1954
March 24, 2024
Tempe approves contract to revitalize Mill Avenue
Tempe city officials recently approved a $4.4 million contract to give historic Mill Avenue a face-lift. The upgrades are part of the Refresh Tempe initiative.
March 23, 2024
Lawmakers take steps to kill the Arizona Commerce Authority
A state agency that helps bring business to Arizona is one step closer to shutting down.
March 22, 2024
Can America win the chips manufacturing race?
President Biden just awarded $8.5 billion dollars to the company Intel to help fund semiconductor factories in Arizona, Ohio, New Mexico and Oregon.
March 22, 2024
Councilwoman calls interpretation service embarrassing
"A little bit embarrassing” and "disrespectful" is how one Phoenix city councilwoman described Spanish interpretation during a recent council meeting.
March 21, 2024
Health systems scrambling for cash after cyberattack on Change Healthcare
The effects of a month-old cyberattack that hit one of the country’s largest medical technology companies is still unresolved, leaving Arizona, and other states’ healthcare systems, scrambling for cash.
March 21, 2024
Phoenix to honor boxing champ Michael Carbajal with streets signs
Phoenix will soon have street signs named after a world boxing champion. Dozens of people showed up at Phoenix City Council chambers Wednesday to show support for Michael Carbajal.
March 21, 2024
Sedona residents pushing back on the plan to make a safe place for workers to sleep in cars
Voters in the Arizona tourist town of Sedona are pushing back against a City Council vote earlier this month that would rezone part of a popular park to create a car camp for homeless workers.
March 21, 2024
Biden announces $8.5 billion for Intel semiconductor projects at Chandler factory
The funding comes from the CHIPS and Science Act passed by Congress in 2022 to pour more than $52 billion into projects to dramatically boost U.S. production of the tiny electronic devices found in everything from cars to cell phones to military weapons.
Biden, Trump cruise to victory in Presidential Preference Election
March 20, 2024