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Q&AZ: How much debris is the Fiesta Mall demolition creating?
Mesa’s Fiesta Mall has been undergoing demolition since July. Through KJZZ’s Q&AZ reporting project, a listener asked: How much debris the former mall is creating? And where does it all end up?
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Nov. 27, 2023
Cardinals and stadium owner sue Glendale over parking garage plan
The Arizona Cardinals and the owner of State Farm Stadium want a judge to block Glendale from letting the developer of a nearby unfinished resort build a parking garage. A new lawsuit against the city says there’s a thread-the-needle construction timeline to avoid conflict with major sporting events.
Nov. 25, 2023
Arizona among highest number of salmonella cases in cantaloupe recall
The CDC says the number of people sickened has doubled in a Salmonella outbreak tied to whole and pre-cut cantaloupes.
Nov. 25, 2023
Retailers hoping for lucrative Christmas season, changing return policies
Arizona retailers are hoping for a lucrative Christmas shopping season this year, while return policies are changing for some stores.
Nov. 24, 2023
Horse racings future in Arizona remains uncertain
The future of horse racing in Arizona is up in the air — multiple race tracks across the Valley are struggling financially. The uncertainty of when and where to hold races has affected thousands of workers in the horse racing industry.
Nov. 24, 2023
Arizona cities, groups promote ‘healthy giving’ during holidays
This time of year, many cities and nonprofits encourage "healthy giving" to help unsheltered people.
Nov. 24, 2023
Sky Harbor traffic going smoothly morning before Thanksgiving
The day before Thanksgiving is the busiest travel day of the year, but Sky Harbor got through the morning without any major hiccups.
Nov. 22, 2023
Sky Harbor concession workers strike amid holiday rush
Airport concession workers are concerned their employer is automating their jobs, shifting toward self-serve kiosks and QR codes.
Nov. 22, 2023
Mesas economic development director is retiring after 16 years
The Show spoke with Mesa's Economic Development Director Bill Jabjiniak, as he is set to retire, about how Mesa has changed over the years.
Nov. 22, 2023
Miracle Mile Deli in Phoenix bucks Thanksgiving to-go meals trend
Market research firm Technomic said fewer consumers will order ready-made Thanksgiving meals and sides, but local demand remains strong.
Nov. 21, 2023
A look at one of the biggest airport art programs at Sky Harbor
The Show spoke with the Phoenix Airport Museum Director Gary Martelli about art and exhibits at Sky Harbor International Airport.
Nov. 21, 2023
Hand-roasting Pima 60-Day Corn is hard, but essential to preserve heirloom products
Ramona Farms, one of Indian Country’s leading commercial Native-owned farms, is safeguarding their community’s culinary heritage of heirloom products made with one of the world's fastest growing corns through commerce on the Gila River Indian Reservation.
Nov. 21, 2023
Salmonella outbreak from cantaloupes sickens 7 in Arizona, 43 across U.S.
The CDC issued a warning for a salmonella outbreak linked to pre-cut cantaloupes, which has spread to 15 states, including Arizona.
Nov. 20, 2023
Phoenix must pay over $220,000 in The Zone suit
Earlier this month, the City of Phoenix cleared the last blocks of what used to be its largest homeless encampment near downtown, known as the ‘Zone.’
Nov. 20, 2023
Why more students are choosing technical training instead of — or before — college
While enrollment recovers in colleges and university, career and technical education (CTE) programs are increasing dramatically.
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Nov. 20, 2023
Glendale residents sue city over tax benefits for VAI Resort
Glendale residents supported by a group called Worker Power have filed a lawsuit against Glendale, claiming the city’s proposed tax benefits for the future VAI Resort development violate the Arizona Constitution’s “gift clause.”
Nov. 19, 2023
Banner Health found liable in $31M malpractice suit
A Maricopa County jury has awarded over $31 million in what is believed to be the largest medical malpractice verdict in Arizona history. The lawsuit was filed against Banner Health over a 2014 birth that left a newborn with brain damage.
Nov. 18, 2023
Menopause adds up to $1.8 billion in lost workdays, study shows
Mood changes and hot flashes are common mesopause symptoms that don’t just happen at home. They happen at work, too.
Nov. 18, 2023
County announces affordable housing initiative in Gilbert
At its Nov. 15 meeting, the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors approved an agreement with the town of Gilbert to provide more than $1.5 million to enhance homeownership opportunities using a community land trust.
Nov. 17, 2023
Boomer travel is up, and more Arizonans hitting road for Thanksgiving
More Arizonans are expected to travel over Thanksgiving weekend compared to last year.
Nov. 17, 2023