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A New York based investment firm recently bought half a dozen apartment complexes across the Phoenix Valley.
The Talking Stick Resort in Scottsdale was evacuated and closed over the weekend after a monsoon storm knocked out the power. Now, the hotel and casino is staying closed for some more time.
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Political activism by professional athletes in the U.S. has amped up tremendously since President Trump came into office, including the NFL. now the WNBA’s players — and the league itself — have stepped into the political arena.
Overall, trends in the nation’s economy are pointing upward. GDP growth is strong, the unemployment rate is low, and wages are rising. But President Trump’s move to start a trade war and apply tariffs on certain goods has a lot of people worried.
After a four-day workers strike, a German-owned manufacturing company in Hermosillo, Sonora, conceded to union demands, including removing a manager accused of abuses toward workers, providing free meals and building new shade structures.
As Valley residents pick up storm debris, in a lot of cases, the trees that are discarded go to the landfill. But now, the City of Phoenix has a way to divert palm tree fronds.
Facial recognition technology has been appearing more throughout our society, most notably on the iPhone X. But now this type of technology can help find your lost pet.
A Fortune 500 company has opened its latest regional center in Mesa.
What will your neighborhood look like in 100 years? When you live in the desert, this question is less whimsical and more about simple practicalities.
As the political rhetoric over immigration rages on this campaign season, new data from non-partisan immigration think-tank New American Economy focuses on the economics of immigration.
Discussing the week in news with former Arizona lawmaker Stan Barnes, head of Copperstate Consulting and attorney Tom Ryan.
A new stock exchange has recently opened in Mexico and it’s looking for American investors. It is Mexico’s second investor’s market.
The Arizona Attorney General’s Office has announced an indictment against the former business manager of the Western Arizona Vocational Education District.
Tucson’s 4th Avenue sits right in the heart of the city, full of locally-owned businesses in 100-year-old buildings. But right now, this uniquely Tucson district is facing change.
Arizonans who bought a VW manufactured between 2009 through 2015 should start checking their mailboxes for a settlement form worth up to $1,000.
Makers of a traditional agave distillate in northern Mexico are trying to take their product to the international market. But they face a struggle between modernization and maintaining artisanal production.
U.S. Investors Are Wanted In Mezcal Country
The Scottsdale City Council later this month will take up a proposed ordinance dealing with bike-sharing and electric bikes and scooters. Cities across the country have also been dealing with this new form of transportation.
Medicaid expansion in Arizona was full of political tension. After an analysis, the Goldwater Institute has issued a report called "The Arizona Medicaid Expansion Experience: Beware the Peddlers of Cost-Shifting Claims."
Wednesday is the official kickoff of the Local First Rural Policy Forum. Part of the mission is focusing on working with rural businesses to help them develop new strategies. Among the towns and cities sending representatives to the forum is Clarkdale.
Federal prosecutors have decided not to re-try a bribery case against a former utility regulator, his wife, a lobbyist and the owner of a utility company. That’s after jurors in the case told the judge last month they could not reach a verdict in the initial trial.
Federal prosecutors dropped their lawsuit Tuesday against former Arizona Corporation Commissioner Gary Pierce and three other people listed in an ongoing bribery case. The move came less than a month after the initial trial ended with a mistrial.