Ira Hayes helped raise the flag at Iwo Jima. Heres how his tribe celebrates the complicated hero
The Gila River Indian Community paused its annual parade and ceremony, paying homage to Iwo Jima flag raiser Ira Hayes, for the last three years due to the pandemic. Last weekend, that tradition returned and discussions about his heroic, complicated life and legacy.
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U.S. government warns that AZ proposal could lead to takeover of state agency
Federal officials warn that Arizona lawmakers are voting on a bill that violates the Occupational Health and Safety Act and could result in a federal takeover of the state’s workplace safety inspections.
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6 hours ago
Ed Mells art will be remembered as synonymous to Arizona
Arizona artist Ed Mell died last week at the age of 81. The Show spoke about Mell’s career and legacy with Betsy Fahlman, a professor of art history at Arizona State University and adjunct curator of American Art at the Phoenix Art Museum.
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How Calas executive chef talked his way into Valleys best kitchens at 15
For The Show's Chef Talk series, we sat down with Peter McQuaid in the dining room of Cala in Scottsdale. He told us more about talking his way into some of the Valley’s best kitchens before he could drive.
1 hour ago
Federal judge upholds provisions of Arizonas voting laws that require proof of citizenship
In a ruling Thursday, U.S. District Judge Susan Bolton concluded Arizona legislators did not discriminate when they adopted the laws and the state does have an interest in preventing voter fraud and limiting voting to those individuals eligible to vote.
2 hours ago
Sleater-Kinney grapple with a sense of complacency and grief on new album
The Show spoke with Carrie Brownstein of Sleater-Kinney, a band that grew out of the riot grrrl movement in the early '90s and released their newest album, "Little Rope," in January.
2 hours ago
NewsCap: If Stephen Richer loses, Democrats win
To talk about a new entrant into the GOP primary for Maricopa County recorder, more immigration bills moving through the state Legislature and more, The Show sat down with Doug Cole of HighGround and Karl Gentles of The Gentles Agency.
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Elon Musk sues OpenAI for choosing profits over 'the benefit of humanity'
A former co-chair of OpenAI, Musk says he invested millions in the AI lab on "false promises" that it would be nonprofit and open-source. OpenAI is now backed by Microsoft.
When celebrities show up to protest, the media follows — but so does the backlash
The Middle East crisis has sharply divided Hollywood. Celebrities who've spoken out have lost jobs and been harassed. But there's a long history of celebrities lending their voices to bigger causes.
In Georgia, a bill to cut all ties with the American Library Association is advancing
Several other states have made moves to disassociate from the nation's oldest library professional association. But Georgia's bill, the first of its kind in the nation, goes further than the others.
CVS and Walgreens to start dispensing the abortion pill in states where it's legal
CVS will start filling prescriptions for mifepristone in Massachusetts and Rhode Island. Walgreens will start in New York, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, California and Illinois.
Health care company ties Russian-linked cybercriminals to prescriptions breach
A ransomware attack targeting a UnitedHealth Group subsidiary is disrupting pharmacies and hospitals nationwide, leaving patients with problems filling prescriptions or seeking medical treatment.
Nikki Haley raises $12 million in February as she marches toward Super Tuesday
In a conversation with a few reporters Friday, Haley highlighted her background in accounting, saying, "The accountant in me stretches and stretches and stretches those dollars."