As the shipping container wall comes down, wildlife concerns and lawsuits are left behind
A federal government suit has forced former Gov. Doug Ducey's shipping container border walls to come down. But conservationists say a trail of wildlife concerns and lawsuits are left in its wake.
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7 hours ago
New exhibit explores baseball through lens of AZs Japanese internment camps
A new exhibit at the Arizona Heritage Center in Tempe explores “America’s Pastime” through the lens of World War 2 Japanese internment camps in the U.S. — two of which were in Arizona.
8 hours ago
Banner Health reaches $1.25 million settlement over data breach
On Thursday, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services announced a $1.25 million dollar settlement with Banner Health over a data breach. In 2016, the agency’s Office of Civil Rights launched an investigation into the hacking incident, which exposed the health information of nearly three million people.
1 hour ago
Arizona bill would penalize schools for not displaying the U.S. flag
On Thursday, the Arizona Senate Education Committee advanced a bill that would penalize schools for not displaying the U.S. flag, Constitution and Bill of Rights.
1 hour ago
$580M headed to 15 tribes for water rights settlements
Fifteen Native American tribes will get a total of $580 million in federal money this year for water rights settlements, the Biden administration announced Thursday.
1 hour ago
Republicans create new process for confirming nominees to lead state agencies
Arizona Senate Republicans have set up a new process for confirming nominees to lead state agencies. Now, all those who get tapped by Democratic Governor Katie Hobbs, will be screened by a new five-member committee.
4 hours ago
Banner introduced Valley fever training — with mixed results
The CDC estimates Valley fever actually occurs 6 to 14 times more often than reported. A clinical education program developed by Banner – University Medicine and the Valley Fever Center for Excellence at the UA College of Medicine – Tucson seeks to change that.
4 hours ago

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This winter's U.S. COVID surge is fading fast, likely thanks to a 'wall' of immunity
The main reason the surge is ebbing now, pandemic experts suspect, is the significant immunity many people in the U.S. have acquired from prior infections and COVID vaccinations many received.
The Yosemite postmaster retires after more than 40 years (and a whole lot of mail)
John Reynolds started his career in the summer of 1978 as a college student. This week, he said goodbye to the calling of a lifetime.
The new global gold rush
After decades of being seen as a go-nowhere investment, investors are taking a shine to gold again.
Chinese balloon punctures Blinken's plans, leaving U.S.-China ties adrift
Secretary of State Antony Blinken called off his trip to China after the discovery of a Chinese "surveillance" balloon over the U.S. It's the latest setback in an increasingly fraught relationship.
Mexico's president says he won't seek an unconstitutional second term
His comments are important, because democracy in Latin America is in retreat. The president of El Salvador has announced he will defy constitutional term limits and run again for president next year.
2 men are arrested in a California shooting that killed 6 people including a baby
Two gang members were arrested early Friday, one after a gunbattle, and charged in the January massacre of six people including a baby at a home associated with a rival gang, a sheriff said.