Saudi-owned farm raises AZ groundwater questions
Gov. Katie Hobbs says she is protecting Arizona's resources by terminating the leases for a Saudi-owned company that’s been growing water-intensive crops in the drought-stricken state. But some say the state needs to do more to regulate rural groundwater.
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7 hours ago
What its really like to experience homelessness
The Show spoke with Noel Reeves, who has been homeless in Phoenix for about a year, about his story and what he's seen during his time being homeless in Arizona.
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7 hours ago
Blinded by the light: Satellites make it harder for astronomers to see, UA research says
An international team of researchers, including some from the University of Arizona, studied the brightness of the BlueWalker 3 prototype satellite from AST Space Mobile.
19 minutes ago
One month until deadline, hundreds remain in The Zone
A judge this week denied the city of Phoenix’s request for more time to clear the area downtown known as "The Zone." The city now has just one month left to find shelter for the hundreds of people still living in the region's largest homeless encampment.
59 minutes ago
Hobbs continues Arizona commission to combat domestic violence
Arizona's governor also signed a proclamation recognizing October as Domestic Violence Awareness Month. The order states the commission will work with entities to increase awareness and improve the response to sexual and domestic violence.
1 hour ago
Author tells story of doctor who spent career working with homeless people
Tracy Kidder told The Show the story of one person in Boston who’s created a solution of sorts to the problem of getting health care for people living on the streets.
2 hours ago
Work starts on final phase of Flagstaff area creek damaged in Pipeline Fire
Coconino County and the U.S. Forest Service are wrapping up a creek stabilization project on four miles of waterway that were damaged in a wildfire last year.
2 hours ago

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Simone Biles leads U.S. to a record 7th straight team title at world championships
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Scientists looked at nearly every known amphibian type. They're not doing great
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Biden says he's worried about Ukraine aid. The Pentagon warns it's running low
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