Does Phoenix need more council members? Voters could decide
Phoenix will soon begin the process of redrawing City Council districts and some members would like to see more seats. Phoenix’s council is made up of the mayor and eight members. The cities closest in population are San Antonio with a mayor and 10 members, and Philadelphia with 17 members.
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Should pregnant drivers be allowed in HOV? And other questions raised by fetal personhood
Who can drive in the HOV lane might seem like an inconsequential part of this fight, but legal experts say the incident raises an array of questions about an issue that’s central to the abortion debate: fetal personhood.
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NIH review praises emergency use vaccines in COVID response
A bill before the state legislature would ban schools from requiring students to get emergency use vaccines – a Covid success story that prevented 3 million deaths in the U.S. Meanwhile, a well-timed NIH review in the journal Science examines the strengths and weaknesses of the research response to Covid.
3 hours ago
Bills to stop cities from taxing food and rentals move to the Senate
While some argue the bills would provide breathing room for consumers, others say they won't make much of a difference.
4 hours ago
Housing advocates push Phoenix to address landlords income discrimination
Housing advocates want Phoenix to ban landlords from discriminating against renters who get public assistance. During Wednesday’s Phoenix City Council meeting, Miesha Fish stood at a podium in front of the mayor and eight members, took a deep breath and shared her story.
4 hours ago
Measure would make it harder to get voter initiatives on the ballot
Republican lawmakers in the Arizona Senate are pushing forward with a measure, Senate Concurrent Resolution 1015, to make it harder for voters to pass their own laws.
4 hours ago
Senate committee passes bill to make it harder to find where lawmakers live
The measure received unanimous support from the Senate Government Committee.
5 hours ago

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Texas ice storm leaves hundreds of thousands without power
Over 280,000 customers in the state were without power on Thursday evening. And one major utility service in the state said it did not know when it would be able to restore power.
Beyoncé's Renaissance tour is Ticketmaster's next big test. Fans are already stressed
The first round of tickets to Beyoncé's highly anticipated Renaissance world tour go on sale next week. Ticketmaster is under pressure to avoid a repeat of the Taylor Swift debacle in November.
Amazon reports its first unprofitable year since 2014
The biggest culprit was Amazon hefty investment in the electric automaker Rivian, whose value plummeted last year. Amazon also contends with the need to recalibrate after a pandemic-era upsurge.
Pentagon says a suspected Chinese spy balloon has been spotted over the Western U.S.
The balloon has been spotted over U.S. airspace for a couple days, The Pentagon decided not to shoot it down due to risks of harm for people on the ground, officials said.
'Who the hell would want this job?' Not NCAA president Mark Emmert, apparently
NCAA president Mark Emmert is stepping down from his position amid a turbulent time for the organization.
Tate Modern's terrace is a nuisance for wealthy neighbors, top U.K. court rules
For years, tourists have peered into multi-million-dollar apartments from the top of London's busiest art gallery. Britain's Supreme Court says that has to change.