Beyond COVID Vaccines, mRNA Could Transform Treatments
Although coronavirus vaccines from Moderna and Pfizer put mRNA in the public spotlight, using messenger RNA in treatments and vaccines isn’t a new idea. Now, with the coronavirus providing the biggest and fastest proof-of-concept in history, the tiny molecule could move from DNA understudy to top bioscience billing.
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8 hours ago
Sinemas Window Of Influence May Close In 22
Sen. Kyrsten Sinema has President Biden’s ear on the ongoing effort to pass a bipartisan infrastructure bill. Although Sinema won’t face voters again until 2024, midterm elections are next year, and a Tempe pollster says her clout could be gone in 16 months.
Phil Boas: One Day, Democrats Will Appreciate Kyrsten Sinema
3 hours ago
Using Shoebox-Sized Satellites, ASU Researchers Track AZ Rivers
ASU researchers are using satellite technology to track the flow of the Hassayampa River, something that hasn’t been possible using traditional methods such as gauging stations.
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Nonprofit Issues Report On Lake Powell Pipeline Proposal
The nonprofit Western Resource Advocates has issued a report on a proposed pipeline to Utah that could further deplete the receding Lake Powell.
10 minutes ago
Maricopa County Board Challenges Senate To Enforce Its Latest Election Subpoena, If They Can
The Maricopa County Board of Supervisors rejected the latest subpoena of election-related materials made by two top Arizona state senators, in part because the Republicans in charge of the Senate don’t have enough votes to enforce the subpoena anyway.
58 minutes ago
Families Urge Using New DNA Tech To ID Pearl Harbor Unknowns
Some families of crew members who are demanding the U.S. military take advantage of advances in DNA technology to identify 85 sailors and Marines from the USS Arizona who were buried as unknowns.
3 hours ago
Tempe Bus Shelter Pilot Project Tests Out Sun-Reflecting Film
Arizona State University is working with 3M on a pilot project to lower the temperatures at bus shelters in Tempe.
4 hours ago

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Amazon Alabama Warehouse Workers May Get To Vote Again On Union
A federal labor official found that Amazon's anti-union tactics may have tainted last spring's voting process sufficiently to scrap its results. Workers had rejected unionization more than 2-to-1.
Your Facebook Account Was Hacked. Getting Help May Take Weeks — Or $299
When Facebook accounts get hacked, victims call and email the company for help to little avail. Some have found a costly workaround: buying a virtual reality headset to get customer service.
At The Olympics, Sport Climbing Is Full Of Unknowns For Athletes And Fans
Sport Climbing is new to the Olympic Games, and seeks to find the best all-around athlete in three very different disciplines. Here's what (and who) to watch.
U.S. Baseball Team Loses To Japan, But It Still Has A Tight Path To Gold Medal Game
Both the U.S. and Japan had been undefeated after going 2-0 to win their groups.
Mutaz Essa Barshim And Gianmarco Tamberi Share The Gold Medal In Olympic High Jump
After two star athletes could not outdo one another, an official said they could move to a "jump-off." They had another idea: why not share?