Many in Arizona struggle with utility bills and AC repairs. Heres where to get help
The triple digits have arrived. And those high temperatures bring pricey utility bills and added strain on air conditioners. But there are resources out there to help Arizonans keep their homes cool this summer.
5 hours ago
Maricopa County runs first ever mock election in anticipation of long ballots
Maricopa County ran a mock election for the first time ever Wednesday as a way to practice running polling places with what are expected to be unusually long ballots in November.
4 hours ago
A Phoenix architect says theres no invasion at the border ports of entry he designed
The Show sat down with Eddie Jones, an architect who designed multiple land ports of entry, to talk more about the state of Arizona's border.
19 minutes ago
New AI guidelines for Arizona schools aim to make education more human
LeeAnn Lindsey and a group of colleagues have come up with a new set of AI guidance for Arizona schools. Lindsey is director of EdTech and Innovation for the Arizona Institute for Education and the Economy at Northern Arizona University.
19 minutes ago
Blood In Blood Out is finally streaming. Heres how the now-classic Chicano movie came to be
Film journalist Carlos Aguilar recently wrote about the movie’s complicated history in the LA Times. As he told The Show’s Sam Dingman, "Blood In Blood Out" owes much of its legacy to director Taylor Hackford’s audacious choice to write the screenplay.
31 minutes ago
The Foster Alliance opens an additional location on June 4 in Flagstaff
The Foster Alliance provides free resources and goods to foster families and kinship guardians across the state, especially in emergency placement situations.
41 minutes ago
Arizona psychiatrist says we need to talk about depression, anxiety while pregnant and post-partum
Roughly a quarter of women who are pregnant will experience some mental health issue, including depression and anxiety. One expert says we need to talk more about this important issue.
1 hour ago

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A 3rd human case of bird flu detected, this one with respiratory symptoms
The patient got infected from exposure to dairy cows. Health officials say risk to the general public remains low.
In a first, OpenAI removes influence operations tied to Russia, China and Israel
AI tools have helped the people behind influence operations produce more content, but OpenAI says the operations it disrupted didn’t gain traction with real people or reach large audiences.
1.5 million adult bed rails are recalled following 2 reports of entrapment deaths
The Consumer Product Safety Commission says users of Medline's “Bed Assist Bars" can become entrapped within the bed rail or between the product and the side of a mattress when it's attached to a bed.
Trump verdict would likely move only a small number of votes, poll finds
A guilty or not-guilty verdict wouldn't change many voters minds, but it could make a difference for a smaller, crucial group of voters this election.
Has the jury reached a verdict? What to know about day 2 of Trump trial deliberations
The New York jurors in former President Donald Trump’s hush money trial filed back into the Manhattan criminal courthouse this morning for a second day of deliberations.
Biden’s problems with younger voters are glaring, poll finds
Younger voters have been a crucial voting bloc for Democrats, but President Biden is facing real challenges — and it's part of why his race with former President Donald Trump is so tight.