Across Arizona, small communities are feeling the effect of the coronavirus pandemic and community response. KJZZ is checking in with cities and towns outside the Phoenix area to see how they are faring.
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Nevada Communitys Only Grocery Store Closes; Bullhead City Fills Gap
The Nevada community of Laughlin south of Las Vegas lost its only grocery store last week reportedly because of inventory shortages, but its neighbor across the Colorado River — Bullhead City, Arizona — has plenty of options for both communities.
9 hours ago
All Felines, Including House Cats, Can Contract Coronavirus From Humans
An employee at the Bronx Zoo has reportedly passed the coronavirus onto a tiger. The report Sunday of the transmission is the first case of its kind in the nation, according to the USDA. But Phoenix Zoo veterinarian Dr. Gary West said he’s not surprised by the news.
10 hours ago
Health Officials Use Alternate Methods To Track Coronavirus
A lack of robust testing means that the numbers being reported underrepresent the spread of the coronavirus, according to Dr. Rebecca Sunenshine, medical director for disease control in Maricopa County.
10 hours ago
Long-Term Care Gets Priority Access To PPE In Maricopa County
With personal protective equipment in short supply, Maricopa County officials said they’ll give long-term care facilities priority access to gloves, masks and gowns during the pandemic.
10 hours ago
Mexican Presidents Pandemic Economic Plan Faces Criticisms
Mexico’s President Andrés Manuel López Obrador presented his economic plan to face the coronavirus pandemic. He says the plan focuses on helping the poor while avoiding the flaws of neoliberal capitalism, but workers and business groups are concerned.
11 hours ago

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'They're All Really Afraid': Coronavirus Spreads In Federal Prisons
One of the hardest-hit facilities is in Oakdale, La. "They feel like they're sitting ducks," says Arjeane Thompson, whose boyfriend is an inmate. And staff are working overtime under the strain.
Wisconsin Election Held Amid Virus Fears: Here's What You Need To Know
Gov. Tony Evers tried to postpone voting and extend the absentee deadline, but he was blocked by courts. Results for Tuesday's contests may not appear for days.
Passover Celebrations Take Shape Differently To Work Around The Coronavirus
Social distancing is preventing families from gathering for the traditional Seder, so this year Passover will be different. Many Jews are planning virtual celebrations.
Australia's High Court Overturns Cardinal Pell's Child Sexual Abuse Conviction
The former Vatican treasurer, who had been the highest-ranking Roman Catholic cleric ever found guilty of sexual abuse, was ordered released from prison, where he was serving a six-year sentence.
Starbucks Now Requires Employees To Wear Face Coverings At Work
Starting Tuesday, employees must wear face coverings. Those who don't have their own, the company created a tutorial on how to make one using store supplies.