In the past decade, Phoenix has paid tens of millions of dollars to settle claims against the city's police department. The Phoenix Finance Department tracks settlements for cases involving death, injury, unlawful arrest and other allegations of wrongdoing against police. The city said records are maintained for 10 years unless special circumstances require they be kept longer.
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The first grocery store in decades to serve the downtown Phoenix community opens Wednesday morning. The new Fry’s store, located at First and Jefferson streets, will eliminate a food desert in one of the fastest growing parts of the Valley.
Why A Grocery Store Is A Big Deal To Downtown Phoenix
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Why A Frys Grocery Store Is A Big Deal To Downtown Phoenix
After four years of planning and building, a brand new Fry's grocery store is open, and it's being welcomed as a sign of downtown's continued growth and ability to grow while also addressing the area's longstanding status as a food desert.
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Study: Average Arrest Costs An Immigrants Family $24,000
How much does an immigration arrest cost the family of the person detained? That’s one of the questions researchers aimed to answer in new data released Wednesday.
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NAU Sees Drop In Enrollments, Adding To National Trend
Enrollment at Northern Arizona University has dropped for the first time in nearly 15 years, and that is a significant development, but it’s not necessarily unique.
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AZ Secretary Of State Requests Budget To Fix Mismanagement
Arizona Secretary of State Katie Hobbs is asking for more money in the next state budget, especially in an election year, that’s not terribly surprising.
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Former Sniper Works To Curb Rhino Poaching
Though numbers indicate poaching of African rhinos has leveled off, the problem is still dramatic. Figures from “Save the Rhino” show that two and half rhinos are killed every day in South Africa, often by poachers who want to take their horns and sell them.
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Google Claims To Achieve Quantum Supremacy — IBM Pushes Back
Google employees say they have built a computer capable of solving problems that current technology practically cannot.
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Nobel Peace Prize Winner Faces Protests After Activist's Late-Night Standoff
Less than two weeks after drawing international praise, Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed is struggling with unrest at home as his tenuous ally, Jawar Mohammed, alleges a plot against him.
Republicans Disrupt House Impeachment Inquiry, Delaying Testimony From Pentagon Aide
GOP lawmakers broke House rules by entering a secure area where a closed-door interview was scheduled to be held. Committee rules allow only those serving on those panels conducting inquiry to attend.
After Slamming Trump, Biden Apologizes For Referring To 'Partisan Lynching' In 1998
"This wasn't the right word to use and I'm sorry about that," Joe Biden tweeted after a video resurfaced of him using the term to describe the impeachment of President Bill Clinton.