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How Tucson Mapped The Way To The Moon And Planets

Special Collections joins with The University of Arizona Press and the Lunar and Planetary Laboratory in hosting an all-star panel featuring groundbreaking scientists Peter Smith, Ewen Whitaker, and William Hartmann. The panel will be moderated by NPR science and technology reporter Melissa Sevigny, author of Under Desert Skies, with opening remarks from LPL’s Tim Swindle. A reception follows the presentation. Watch this video to learn more our collaboration.

Earth Transformed: A Series of 6 Lectures Exploring Our World and Ourselves

Climate change and its impacts are no longer merely abstract projections for the future. Instead, they are on-going and growing challenges for both humans and many of the natural systems upon which we depend. Globally, changes in the oceans, ice sheets and atmosphere provide clear fingerprints of the human causes, but also important lessons for society to learn as we seek solutions.


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