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Spooktacular Science

Enjoy some hair-raising fun and spooky Halloween activities and demonstrations! We’ll have various tricks and treats each day, including slippery slime, squid dissections, spooky arts & crafts, chemistry curiosities, and of course, our special Halloween laser show!

Arizona Diamondbacks Science Of Baseball Program

Science of BaseballLaunched in 2013, the Arizona Diamondbacks Science of Baseball presented by Chase and Insight, is a series of programs and initiatives that promote the importance of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics). The program provides a mechanism for elementary and middle school students to improve their academic performance. The goal is to translate the American love of baseball into an appreciation, understanding, and passion of the science and mathematics underlying the sport.

Downtown Science Cafe: The Science of Science Fiction

Which came first, Science or Science Fiction? From Jules Verne to H.G. Wells, from Star Trek to Star Wars, science fiction has propelled our thirst for knowledge and technology. The human imagination builds on what we know, and science seeks answers to worlds that we don’t understand but can only imagine. So many scientists were inspired by science fiction stories, and in this series, we invite top UA researchers to look at what is fact and fiction in the marvelous stories that captivate our science-centric world.

'What If?' Series At Biosphere 2

The "What If?" Series of special events at Biosphere 2 puts the latest science in front of visitors, resuming this month with a focus on the University of Arizona's ability to address big challenges in science using unique, large-scale tools, including the OSIRIS-REx spacecraft, the Mars-Lunar Greenhouse Habitat, Biosphere 2's Landscape Evolution Observatory and other biomes located at Biosphere 2.


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