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Tucson Pi-Bot wars

Come join us at the University of Arizona campus for the first Tucson Pi-Bot wars! This is a free, all ages event to raise awareness in STEM while having fun at the same time. The event will kick off at 10AM with a workshop to build a remote controlled Raspberry Pi Robot - no experience needed.

'Rethinking Reality' Lecture Series

Our intuitive understanding of reality comes from what we see and experience, but modern physics tells us that our world is actually stranger than the one we see, hear and touch every day. At extremes of scale, speed and time, our perceptions of the world prove hard to reconcile with established physical law. Here, at the cutting edge of physics where we attempt to reconcile the bizarre domain of quantum mechanics with the cosmic vastness of relativity, we must increasingly rely on new ways of thinking, seeing and experimenting to probe the principles which underlie everything.

Go For Launch!

The three-day program uses Space Exploration as a platform to launch student  involvement STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art & Math), teamwork, communication and leadership.

The Risky Science Of Exploration

It takes a special kind of person to plunge willingly into a subaquatic cave in Cuba, or risk his life reporting on cocaine trafficking in Jamaica, or chase venomous snakes across Vietnam. Fortunately, environmental anthropologist Kenny Broad is an extra special kind of person. National Geographic’s 2011 Explorer of the Year, Broad finds a surprising amount to laugh about as he shares stories of his triumphs, his tragedies, and his just plain weird experiences while watching science evolve to further our knowledge of the world.

Tempe's Geeks Night Out

This free, family-friendly event will enable all of us to Discover the Science! Tempe's Geeks Night Out is a signature Arizona SciTech Festival event and is sponsored by StateFarm. The spectacular endeavor blends science, technology, engineering, arts, and math (STEAM).

Alien Worlds And Androids

Alien Worlds and Androids, takes on the question that has fascinated man for centuries: “Are we alone?” Through the use of robots, telescopes, space probes and high-tech laboratories, scientists have been studying the possibility of life existing beyond Earth and what forms it may take depending on the environment.


The University of Arizona, in partnership with Cox Communications, presents the 3rd annual Connect2STEM —a family-friendly event celebrating Science, Technology, Engineering, Math—and Medicine. In 2016, the event drew more than 5,000 children and families!


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