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It’s As Easy As 1-2-3

1.   Decide how much you want to contribute to KJZZ monthly.

2.   Contribute by calling Member Services at 480-774-8400 or click on the Give Monthly button to complete the authorization form.  Your contribution can be paid from a checking or savings account from your bank or credit union, or with a major credit card.                 

3.   Sit back and relaxYour contribution will be automatically deducted with a record of each transaction appearing on your bank, credit union or credit card statement.  Your membership is automatically renewed each year on your membership anniversary date.  You have the control, simply call Member Services to make adjustments.

What is a Sustaining Member?

Sustaining members give automatic regular contributions to KJZZ which are deducted from a checking account or credit card on a monthly, annual, semi-annual, or quarterly basis.  It’s a convenient and cost saving option that means you'll never have to worry about renewing again.

Sustaining Members Save Money

  • No checks to write, no stamps to buy, and saves you time.
  • Provide KJZZ with a stable source of income to support the programming you value.
  • Eliminate the cost of renewal reminder notices.
  • Reduce the cost of processing payments.
  • Decrease the time needed for on-air fundraising.

Sustaining Member Benefits

  • Automatically entered into all KJZZ contests.
  • Receive opportunities to win free tickets to movies and local entertainment.
  • Invitations to exclusive events to meet on-air hosts and reporters.
  • Tour the KJZZ Studio.  Get your photo taken and record your voice.
  • Sustainer Loyalty Card - It's our way of saying "thank you".  When you become a sustaining member you'll receive a Sustainer Loyalty Card that will provide you a 10% discount at participating restaurants as well as a special complimentary dish from two restaurants each month. 
  • KJZZ Travel Club - Connect with KJZZ listeners who love to travel, learn new things and receive special benefits.  Sustaining members who give $10 a month or more are eligible to join the KJZZ Travel Club.
  • KJZZ Plus - KJZZ's uninterupted audio stream available to KJZZ sustaining members who give $15 a month or more.

Get your KJZZ Sustainer Loyalty Card today.

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Give the monthly gift that fits your budget.  Please join today!

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