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Communities north of Phoenix want to control water as a way to control development. More residents means less groundwater to pump, residents said. But their idea is not popular with everyone.
New River Development Drawing Attention To Subdivision Laws
May. 25, 2018
Listen to the sounds of Stacey Hettmansperger at a Phoenix Transfer Station, monitoring the sorting of recyclables, trash and compost.
May. 24, 2018
Flagstaff residents have been able to recycle any type of rigid plastic with number labels one through seven. Now only numbers one and two will be accepted in curbside bins.
May. 24, 2018
Residents of New River, still reeling from a water crisis, try to tackle a potentially illegal subdivision going up in their neighborhood.
May. 24, 2018
Rivers and watering holes are drying up, popular mountain recreation spots are closing and water restrictions are in full swing as a persistent drought intensifies its grip on pockets of the American Southwest.
May. 23, 2018
Environmental groups are poised to block the the Trump administration's decision to auction off over 4,000 acres of public land for oil and gas development in northern Arizona.
May. 22, 2018
Arizona’s bald eagle population has continued to grow since the birds were removed from the endangered species list in 2007. Every year a dedicated group of biologists camp out and watch the next generation from egg to first flight.
May. 22, 2018
Scientists have noticed changes in freshwater storage, and some of those changes are due to human activity.
May. 21, 2018
Colorado River flows are at some of their lowest levels since records have been kept. Arizona and other states rely on the lessening Colorado River water, and at the same time drought is expanding in Arizona.
May. 20, 2018
Nicole Horseherder lives on Black Mesa, near the Peabody Energy operation there. She recently co-wrote a letter to the owners of two prospective buyers of the Navajo Generating Station expressing concerns.
May. 17, 2018
There’s a better than 50 percent chance Arizona will get less water from the Colorado River by 2020.
May. 16, 2018
In determining the future of the Navajo Generating Station, Rep. Pual Gosar has suggested a bill that would allow the plant to be exempted from the National Environmental Policy Act to help a sale along in the permitting process.
May. 16, 2018
Sinagua Malt in Camp Verde says it’ll produce four tons of malted barley a week for breweries and bakeries sourced from barley grown at Hauser and Hauser Farms. The 600-acre farm once grew corn but has now swapped its crop for barley and, in the process, has potentially saved millions of gallons of water in the Verde River.
May. 15, 2018
Climate Change Is Making Droughts Worse In The Western U.S.
A new study from NASA reinforces the idea that droughts are getting worse and could become more frequent in the Western U.S. The culprit is human-caused climate change.
May. 15, 2018
In a bid to expand its water portfolio, the city of Surprise is holding an election over whether to buy a small water company.
May. 14, 2018
Dockless bike sharing programs allow users to leave bikes anywhere after they’re done riding them — and that’s led to complaints about blocked sidewalks and cluttered neighborhoods.
May. 14, 2018
After a nearly decade-long process, California has become the first state to require every new home to be built with solar power. This requirement, which goes into effect in 2020, was unanimously approved by the California Energy Commission.
May. 11, 2018
The Tinder Fire is nearly 80 percent contained, but winds that are expected for Thursday and Friday could cause it to grow. The fire has already wiped out 33 homes, 54 minor structures and burned more than 16,000 acres.
May. 10, 2018
Keeping A Unique Water Tradition Alive In S.  Colorado’s Acequias
A warm spring has already melted much of the limited snowpack that sits high in the Sangre de Cristo mountains in southern Colorado. Water is already flowing through the ditches near the rural village of San Pablo.
May. 9, 2018
Forest fires, climate change and the wrath of non-native fish are threatening the survival of the Apache trout, a species found only in Arizona.
May. 9, 2018
In 1933, President Franklin Roosevelt established the Civilian Conservation Corps, as part of his New Deal program. The goal was to put unemployed young men to work on environmental conservation programs.
May. 8, 2018