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Rendering of tiny houses designed for Tempe
A community of affordable “humble homes” will be built in the Jen Tilly Terrace neighborhood. The pilot project could serve as a model for future Tempe projects.
January 23, 2018
A bull elk
The department reports its silent witness program, Operation Game Thief drew almost 1,100 reports of wildlife violations from poaching, to feeding wild animals and possessing restricted animals.The department issued 76 citations, netting $74,500 in civil fines. The majority of citations, 55, were for the illegal take of big game.
January 17, 2018
biker in protected bike lane
“We are trying to make better use of our existing streets,” said Street Transportation Deputy Director Mark Melnychenko. “How can we evaluate the street and possibly have the ability to put in other modes of transportation?”
Jan. 10, 2018
Earth’s average global temperature map
The average temperatures across the globe last year were in the top three warmest on record. The desert Southwest's temperatures were the highest ever.
January 19, 2018
Bike-sharing programs are expanding, and recently, a new model has emerged: dockless bike-sharing.
January 17, 2018
A Central Arizona Project canal in Scottsdale
The highly-anticipated water policy proposals from Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey are expected to tackle "excess water," an important part of Arizona's water portfolio.
January 17, 2018
USDA logo
U.S. Department of Agriculture aerial sharpshooters are returning to the Lake Havasu National Wildlife Refuge for a second attempt to exterminate feral hogs at the refuge along the Colorado River.
January 15, 2018
Two-thirds of the world's population are expected to live in cities by 2050, and that's driving a need for urban agriculture.
January 12, 2018
“LED is the technology of the future. I think we’ll see cities switch because the savings are so big," said David Beard, Glendale city engineer. "It’s about a 60 percent savings in electric consumption.”
January 10, 2018
Water fights are nothing new in the Western U.S. Arizona and California battled for decades, and, though there’s more cooperation now, states that use Colorado River water are attempting to plan to make sure there’s enough for the short and long-term futures.
January 09, 2018
wind turbines
Alternative energy has become a key part of the U.S. diversifying its overall energy outlook and portfolio. But one of those sources — wind energy — could be becoming less powerful. Martin Pasqualetti, professor of geography at ASU and co-director of the Energy Policy Innovation Council, explains.
January 04, 2018
Dense salt cedar trees create fire and flood hazards. The county will replace them with more than 2,000 native plants.
January 02, 2018
Alternative energy sources like wind offer a way to lessen a country’s carbon footprint. But global warming trends could soon change the way the wind blows.
January 02, 2018