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When a monsoon storm tore through the town of Mammoth in southeast Arizona earlier this month, it damaged roadways and the town’s water system. Don Jones is Mammoth’s town manager, as well as the public works director. He says part of what made repairs so difficult is the old age of the pipes.
A Chicago-based company in negotiations to take over a coal-fired power plant in northern Arizona said it would run the generating station at less than half its existing capacity to ensure it's economical, a company official said Tuesday.
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Gov. Doug Ducey says Arizona forests have dodged a bullet this summer, especially compared to the extreme damage in California from wildfires.
The emergency declaration comes after more than three inches of rain damaged roadways and infrastructure.
Scientists with the San Diego Zoo Institute for Conservation Research were able to save tissue cells from an endangered porpoise that lives in the Sea of Cortez.
As Valley residents pick up storm debris, in a lot of cases, the trees that are discarded go to the landfill. But now, the City of Phoenix has a way to divert palm tree fronds.
After more than a year of anxiety, residents of New River and Desert Hills north of Phoenix now have a place to fill up their water. A new tap opened late last month that serves water haulers who in turn serve New River and Desert Hills customers.
A Tucson power plant will replace two coal-fired generators with ten natural-gas engines.
What will your neighborhood look like in 100 years? When you live in the desert, this question is less whimsical and more about simple practicalities.
As California faces another wildfire season with record-setting acreage being burned in the Mendocino blaze, Arizona’s season has been relatively tame so far, with an estimated 125,000 acres burned — compared to nearly 450,000 acres at this same stage in 2017.
Researchers at University of California, Berkeley, have published a study describing the collapse of the Mojave Desert bird community over the past century due to climate change.
When a monsoon storm rolls through, there are really two ways to enjoy the spectacle: From inside, looking out — or right smack in the middle. Today, as part of our monsoon series, The Show took visit to the animal kingdom.
Arizonans who bought a VW manufactured between 2009 through 2015 should start checking their mailboxes for a settlement form worth up to $1,000.
The currents that move the world’s oceans also gather plastic into massive oceanic trash pools. Now, some groups want to field floating garbage collectors to deal with them.
The Navajo Nation is offering $50 for each surrendered horse to encourage the removal of unbranded, free-roaming horses from tribal land.
How much do the voting habits of a city’s residents affect that city’s water conservation policies? Researchers have tried to find out, by putting together a database of nearly 200 American cities and their conservation policies.
Since 2002, wildfires have burned through nearly 2 million acres of ponderosa pine forests in Arizona since 2002 — and the forests that are left are at risk. So how are communities around the state mitigating that risk?
A new state law allows the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality to ask the EPA for permission to administer a program aimed at protecting rivers and streams, and conservation groups in the state are not happy about it.
Grand Canyon National Park is closing a scenic road to a North Rim vista and two trails because of a lightning-caused wildfire that has grown to 3.5 square miles.
A green energy company — that is drawing wind and solar power from rural Arizona — is trying to get approval for a proposed route between the state and neighboring New Mexico.
JA Solar Holdings will provide the solar modules to the Puerto Libertad project, which is expected to generate up to 963 gigawatt hours, enough to power nearly 600,000 Mexican homes.