Study Abroad Spain (Bilbao) Public Speaking For International Audiences

No one can resist taking pictures of Bilbao's Guggenheim museum (photo credit: Dr. Jim Paluzzi)

Study Abroad Spain (Bilbao)
Public Speaking For International Audiences
COM 298AA (1 credit)
Class size limit: 12 students
September 13 - 25, 2015
Location: Instituto Hemingway, Bilbao, Spain

Instructor:  Dr. James Paluzzi, Vice President, Division of Public Service Rio Salado College

Why Should I Take This Course?
Many professionals have opportunities to deliver speeches and presentations internationally to audiences who speak English as a second language.  However, these international audiences often have an understanding of the English language and culture that is very different from that of a native English speaker.  In these situations, it is a challenge to design and deliver a speech that will be clearly understood. 

This course is designed for native (or near native) English speakers who have had significant public speaking experience, and will focus on the theory and practice of public communication with an international audience.  The goal of this course is to develop an awareness of the challenges faced by a non-native English speaking audience, along with theory and practice to master these challenges. These skills will become increasingly important in an expanding global economy.

If you have previous public speaking experience, and are interested in taking your ability to the next level, this course is for you!

Why Study Abroad?
The very nature of the course, Public Speaking for International Audiences, requires an audience that is educated, knowledgeable, and speaks English as a second or third language. Instituto Hemingway is an ideal location for this study of cross-cultural communication. Located in Bilboa, Spain, the international language institute provides class participants with a diverse audience who share a range of cultural backgrounds and native languages. 

You will have the opportunity to deliver presentations at an advanced level to a challenging audience in a foreign setting, while developing a heightened sense of audience orientation.  In short, you will be better equipped to communicate effectively with a diverse audience that sees, hears, and thinks differently than you.

What Will I Learn?
In a small class-size environment (limited to 12 students), we will combine practical theory with meaningful opportunities to put that theory into speaking practice.

Reasons to Adopt a Global Perspective: Economic, Technological, Demographic, and Peace Imperatives

Sensitivity and Respect: Stereotypes, Prejudices, and Ethnocentrism

Understanding a Diverse Audience:
    High and Low Context Cultures
    Power Distance
    Uncertainty Avoidance
    Individualism - Collectivism
    Masculinity - Femininity
    Time Orientation

Selecting Supporting Materials:
    Facts and Statistics

Speech Organization: Linear and Holistic Patterns

Appropriate Verbal Expression: Denotative and Connotative Meaning Communication Style

Effective Nonverbal Expression:  Kinesics and Paralanguage

Constructing Visual Aids for Public Presentations

Compliments of Instituto HemingwayIncludes Special Feature: Off-Site Field Experience – Communicating Instructions Across Cultures (Cooking)
One of the major advantages of taking this course in Spain involves being in Spain: it’s a great opportunity to experience the challenge of communicating across cultures.  To help in understanding the challenges that a person experiences in communicating instructions across cultures, we have arranged a cooking class taught in English by a non-native speaker.  You will experience first-hand the challenge of creating meaning across cultures while learning how to prepare an authentic dish from the Basque Region of Spain.

Compliments of Instituto HemingwayOptional Special Feature: Spanish Classes
As part of our arrangement with Instituto Hemingway, COM298 students can choose to enroll in a Spanish language class at the Institute.  Classes exist for beginners, advanced beginners, intermediate, and advanced levels (pre-testing for placement is included).  Since the COM298 class meets daily from 3:30 - 5:00 pm, your mornings and early afternoons are free to take classes at the Institute, which normally run from 9:30 am-1:30 pm (with a half-hour break at 11:00 am).  All arrangements are made directly with the Institute.  Click here to learn more and to enroll for these optional classes.

Optional Special Feature: Spanish Study Tour
By special arrangement with the Friends of Public Radio Arizona (FPRAZ), students completing this course, will be eligible to participate in a KJZZ cultural excursion led by Dr. James Paluzzi that will begin at the conclusion of this course (September 25 - October 8, 2015), visiting the Basque Region of Spain, Murcia and Cartegena in the south of Spain, and concluding in Madrid (on October 8, 2015) at the discounted price of $2,890 (to be arranged directly with FPRAZ), including lodging, transportation, tours, gratuities, and most meals.  Click here for more information about this excursion. 

About The Instructor
When he isn't working as Vice President of Rio Salado College’s Division of Public Service or serving as General Manager of public radio stations KJZZ and K-BACH, Dr. James Paluzzi reports from the field and conducts classes in public speaking.  Throughout his 40 year career in broadcasting, he has produced award-winning journalism on subjects as diverse as plane crashes, political conventions, and national fiddler festivals.

Prior to his work at Rio Salado College, Dr. Paluzzi previously served as Vice President for New Media and Technology at Colorado Public Radio, General Manager for the Boise State Radio Network, and General Manager of public radio station KSLU in Hammond, Louisiana.  He also served as broadcast faculty at Kent State University, Southeastern Louisiana University, and Boise State University.

Dr. Paluzzi holds a bachelors degree from Syracuse University, as well as the M.A. and Ph.D from Kent State University.

Dates To Remember
Apply early to reserve your place!

  • Application Deadline: Monday, June 22, 2015
    (Late applications will be considered on a case-by-case basis.)
  • Program Fee Payment Deadline: Thursday July 16, 2015
  • Tuition Deadline: Monday, August 3, 2015
  • Mandatory Orientation: Saturday, August 8, 2015
    9:00 am – 11:00 am
    KJZZ Conference Room, 4th Floor Tower, Rio Salado College, 2323 W 14th Street, Tempe
    Participation by skype is possible by prior arrangement.

Estimated Program Costs
Program Fee: $2,061 due 7/16/15.  Includes lodging at a four star hotel for 13 nights, a welcome and farewell meal, a field cultural experience (cooking class), and medical insurance.

Tuition: 1 credit estimated at $84
In-state: $84 per credit hour

Registration Fee: $15
Registration will be issued by permission of instructor after personal interview.

Airfare: Airfare is NOT included.  Estimated at $1,350
Your program director will provide you with instructions on purchasing airfare for your program. Only after you have received these instructions should you purchase airfare.

Meals: Most meals NOT included.  Estimated at $325

Ground Transportation: $10

Textbooks: None required

Passport Information: A current passport, valid for six (6) months after the scheduled return to the United States, is required.

ESTIMATED TOTAL: $3,845 (Includes: program fee, tuition, ground transportation, airfare, meals, hotel accommodations, and special off site cooking experience)

Next Steps

  1. By June 22, 2015: Application Deadline (by email or postal mail)
  2. By June 29, 2015: Dr. Paluzzi will contact you to discuss the course and issue you your permission number to register.
  3. By July 2, 2015:  Make your $250 confirmation deposit to secure your spot.
  4. By July 16, 2015: You must pay the remainder of your program fee ($1,811).
  5. If you are a current Rio Salado student, program fee payments can be made to Cashier Services by phone, in-person, or by mail.  Be aware that AFTER the program fee payment deadline of July 16, 2015, the $250 deposit is non-refundable.
  6. If you are NOT a current Rio Salado student, apply/reapply for admission after your interview with the instructor.
  7. Register for your class in July. Students will be purged from classes if tuition is not paid 35 days before start of class.
  8. Apply for your passport or renew your old one (if needed).  Be sure that your passport is valid at least six (6) months beyond the date of your trip.
  9. Attend the mandatory orientation.
  10. Start packing and get ready for your life transforming experience!

Application Form
Click here for an application form.