Title Author Publication Date
3 Arizona Corporation Commission Candidates Want Utilities To Disclose Election Spending July 20, 2016
Advocates Hope DOJ Policy Change Leads To Fewer Private Prisons Mark Brodie August 19, 2016
Dakota Pipeline Standoff Echoes In Texas: Mexico Still Counting On US Natural Gas Lorne Matalon January 04, 2017
Ex-Arizona DCS Chief: AG's Advice On Joint Adoptions, Fostering Was Unsolicited May 12, 2015
Health Risks Of Living In US Border Colonias Prompt Funding Increase Proposal Lorne Matalon April 17, 2015
In Colombia, Major League Baseball Is Not Always The Goal — It's A Solid Education Lorne Matalon March 08, 2016
Mexico Considers Retaliation Should US Withdraw From NAFTA Lorne Matalon December 26, 2016
Mexico Proposes Legislation To Counter Border Wall Expansion Lorne Matalon December 27, 2016
New Board Of Education President Could Ease Friction With Diane Douglas Mark Brodie August 18, 2016
Texas Set To Execute Cop-Killing Mexican Citizen David Martin Davies January 16, 2014
The Pulse: Put Him On Ice: How Hypothermia Is Being Harnessed To Save Lives The Pulse February 28, 2017
Unwanted US Junk Cars Sustain A Microeconomy In Guatemala Lorne Matalon March 31, 2015
$1M Pledge Keeps Arizona Theatre Company Operating Vanessa Barchfield, Arizona Public Media July 06, 2016
'El Chapo' Guzmán Injured In Confrontation With Mexican Marines Lorne Matalon October 19, 2015
'Solar Border' Would See Dollars Pay for Wall Nancy Montoya April 24, 2017
'Strongest Evidence' Mars Has Water, UA Scientist, Others Say Tony Perkins September 28, 2015
18-Year-Old UA Grad: 'Always Been Trying To Be Ahead' Vanessa Barchfield, Arizona Public Media May 13, 2016
20 More Bighorns Released; Catalina Heard Called Viable Nick O'gara November 23, 2016
4 Arizona Bills Advance That Curb Right Of Individuals To Propose Laws February 11, 2017
4 Arizona K-12 Education Funding Plans Raise Questions, Concerns Mark Brodie October 02, 2015
40,000-Acre Wildfire Slows, But More Winds Expected To Drive It Anew Zachary Ziegler, AZPM April 27, 2017
75 Years Later, USS Arizona Sailor Recalls Attack On Pearl Harbor Mitchell Riley November 30, 2016
A-10 Fighter Jet, Primary Plane At Tucson Base, To Keep Flying Into Next Decade February 03, 2016
ACA Repeal Creates Political Minefield For Republicans The Takeaway May 05, 2017
ACLU Asks Tucson Police To Release Information On Tracking Devices June 17, 2015