Title Author Publication Date
Cronkite News: Report: About 40 percent of workers in state, U.S. have no paid sick leave Soyenixe Lopez July 30, 2015
Arizona Judge: State's Request For Certain Records On Planned Casino 'Overly Burdensome' July 28, 2015
Cronkite News: Arizona posts lowest college completion rate, highest default rate Aubrey Rumore July 28, 2015
Arizona Attorney General Not Asking Phone Companies To Block Robocalls July 27, 2015
Arizona Court: Energy From Burning Trash A Renewable Resource July 24, 2015
Cronkite News: FDA plan to phase out trans fats from foods divides consumers Soyenixe Lopez July 23, 2015
Members Of Arizona Corporation Commission Under Investigation July 22, 2015
New Arizona Ruling Means Marijuana Smell Not Enough For Police Warrant July 22, 2015
Multiple Arrests Made In Arizona Human-Trafficking Sting KJZZ News July 10, 2015
Wind Power's Growth In Texas Triggers Challenge To Renewable Energy Mandates Lorne Matalon July 10, 2015
Arizona Egg Prices Up After Avian Flu Outbreak KJZZ News July 09, 2015
More Immigrants Injured Falling From Border Fence Fernanda Echavarri July 03, 2015
Desert Animals Get Out — And Get Busy — During Arizona Monsoon Season July 02, 2015
Cronkite News: Panel 'demands' end to high Native teen suicide rate, but answers are hard to come by Aubrey Rumore June 30, 2015
Arizona MVD Gets Poor Performance Grade KJZZ News June 25, 2015
Arizona Lawmaker: Change US 60 Marker Dedicated To Confederate President Jefferson Davis KJZZ News June 25, 2015
Cronkite News: Study ranks Arizona high for length of workouts Aubrey Rumore June 24, 2015
Dark Sky Association Concerned About Phoenix's Plan To Implement LED Street Lights Mark Brodie June 18, 2015
Gilbert Church Supreme Court Case Raises Issues Of Free Speech Mark Brodie June 18, 2015
ACLU Asks Tucson Police To Release Information On Tracking Devices June 17, 2015
Arizona Asthma Research Focuses On Dust In Amish Community June 17, 2015
Monthly Media Briefing On Arizona Unemployment Suspended June 16, 2015
Rural Hospitals Connecting With TMC Specialists Andrea Kelly June 16, 2015
Collection Of Native American Artifacts Found In Cottonwood Return To Verde Valley Melissa Sevigny June 12, 2015
Record June Rainfall In Yuma Causes Harvest Concerns Amanda Solliday June 10, 2015