Title Author Publication Date
Ex-Arizona DCS Chief: AG's Advice On Joint Adoptions, Fostering Was Unsolicited May 12, 2015
Health Risks Of Living In US Border Colonias Prompt Funding Increase Proposal Lorne Matalon April 17, 2015
Texas Set To Execute Cop-Killing Mexican Citizen David Martin Davies January 16, 2014
Unwanted US Junk Cars Sustain A Microeconomy In Guatemala Lorne Matalon March 31, 2015
'Strongest Evidence' Mars Has Water, UA Scientist, Others Say Tony Paniagua September 28, 2015
4 Arizona K-12 Education Funding Plans Raise Questions, Concerns Mark Brodie October 02, 2015
ACLU Asks Tucson Police To Release Information On Tracking Devices June 17, 2015
Amy Silverman: Fear Or Exhilaration? It's All About Perspective March 24, 2015
An Industry Divided: Refiners Take On Big Oil In Fight Over Crude Oil Export Ban Lorne Matalon October 01, 2015
Answer To What Killed Bighorn Sheep In Santa Catalinas Vanessa Barchfield August 17, 2015
Arizona Abortion Providers Must Disclose What Happens To Fetal Tissue August 18, 2015
Arizona AG Looking Into 'Possible Violations' Of Arizona Abortion Law September 03, 2015
Arizona AG: Public Officials Can Use Position To Weigh In On Marijuana Legalization May 06, 2015
Arizona Asthma Research Focuses On Dust In Amish Community June 17, 2015
Arizona Attorney General Not Asking Phone Companies To Block Robocalls July 27, 2015
Arizona Bill Would Prohibit Plastic-Bag Ordinances March 27, 2015
Arizona Board of Education Relocates Office May 12, 2015
Arizona Corporation Commissioners' Bid To Keep Utilities Out Of Elections Could Test Power Limits August 31, 2015
Arizona Court: Energy From Burning Trash A Renewable Resource July 24, 2015
Arizona Department Of Education Wants $50K From Board Of Education For Reading Funds Portal August 13, 2015
Arizona Drought Conditions Decline, But Water Issues Remain Zachary Ziegler March 18, 2015
Arizona Egg Prices Up After Avian Flu Outbreak KJZZ News July 09, 2015
Arizona Home Prices Up 6.8 Percent In Past Year August 26, 2015
Arizona House Votes To Block Cities From Regulating Plastic Bags April 01, 2015
Arizona Judge: State's Request For Certain Records On Planned Casino 'Overly Burdensome' July 28, 2015