carrieCarrie Jung began her public radio career in Albuquerque, N.M., where she fell in love with the diverse cultural scene and unique political environment of the Southwest.

Jung has been heard on KJZZ since 2013 when she served as a regular contributor to the Fronteras Desk from KUNM Albuquerque. She covered several of major stories there including New Mexico's Supreme Court decision legalizing same-sex marriage and Albuquerque's failed voter initiative to ban late-term abortions.

Jung has also contributed stories about environmental and Native American issues to NPR's Morning Edition, PRI's The World, Al Jazeera America, WNYC's The Takeaway, and National Native News.

She earned a bachelor's degree in psychology and a master's in marketing, both from Clemson University.

When Jung isn't producing content for KJZZ she can usually be found buried beneath mounds of fabric and quilting supplies. She recently co-authored a book, "Sweet And Simple Sewing," with her mother and sister, who are fabric designers.

Title Author Publication Date
ADOT Survey: Arizona Drivers Rank Road Safety And Expansion As Top Investment Priorities Carrie Jung March 07, 2017
State Supreme Court To Hear Arguments In Cattle-Brand Dispute Carrie Jung March 07, 2017
Arizona Department Of Education Worries The Proposed $0 IT Budget Could Cost Them Employees Carrie Jung March 03, 2017
No Tuition Increases In Proposed MCCCD Budget Carrie Jung March 01, 2017
Flight Attendant Accused Of Making Bogus Bomb Threats Signs Plea Deal Carrie Jung February 28, 2017
Arizona Schools Chief Says Transgender Bathroom Questions Should Be Answered On The Local Level KJZZ News February 27, 2017
Arizona ELL Student Graduation Rate Lags Far Behind National Average Carrie Jung February 27, 2017
For Arizona ELL Teachers, Lessons Extend Beyond Language Skills Carrie Jung February 24, 2017
Arizona Educators, Advocates Meet At Capitol To Demand More Funding For Public Education Carrie Jung February 20, 2017
Arizona Senate To Vote On Private School Voucher Legislation This Week Carrie Jung February 20, 2017
Phoenix, Gila River Indian Community May Work Together To Store Groundwater Carrie Jung February 17, 2017
Ducey: Despite Education IT Budget Oversight, Teachers Will Get Paychecks KJZZ News February 17, 2017
Joint Legislative Budget Committee Report: ESA Expansion Would Increase State Costs KJZZ News February 16, 2017
West Valley Principal Wins National Education Award Carrie Jung February 15, 2017
Demystifying Arizona's Empowerment Scholarship Account Program Carrie Jung February 15, 2017
Flake Asks Interior Department To Expand Hiring Freeze Exemption To BLM Firefighters Carrie Jung February 13, 2017
Arizona Community-College Systems To Develop Shared Technology Curriculum Carrie Jung February 09, 2017
Ridesharing Companies Look To Older Adults To Expand Marketshare Carrie Jung February 09, 2017
DeVos Confirmed As Education Secretary; McCain, Flake Voted In Her Favor Carrie Jung February 07, 2017
Nuclear Regulatory Commission Conducts Special Inspection At Palo Verde Station Carrie Jung February 07, 2017
Cellular-Data Usage Breaks Records At Waste Management Phoenix Open Carrie Jung February 06, 2017
Arizona Advocacy Group Meets With Sen. Flake Staff Carrie Jung February 03, 2017
New House Bill Could Make Moving Companies Wait Until After Move To Take Payment KJZZ News February 01, 2017
University of Arizona President: We Oppose Executive Order On Immigration Carrie Jung January 30, 2017
AZ House Bill Seeks To Give Universities Individual Governing Boards KJZZ News January 27, 2017