Title Publication Date
Slide Fire Quadruples In Size May 21, 2014
After Southeastern Arizona Sightings, Officials Warn To Be ‘Bear Aware’ May 20, 2014
GOP Governor Hopefuls Waiting On Brewer's Endorsement May 19, 2014
Public Comment Winding Down On Energy Transmission Corridors May 19, 2014
Cross-County Campaign Signatures Challenged In Lawsuit May 19, 2014
Wrong-Way Driver Who Killed Officer Was Drunk May 16, 2014
With Memorial Day Around The Corner, Gas Prices Drop Slightly May 16, 2014
U Of A To Build Biomedical Building In Downtown Phoenix May 16, 2014
Plane Lost Power Before Fatal Arizona Crash May 13, 2014
Northern Arizona City Declares Water Crisis May 12, 2014
Decision in Tom Horne Campaign Finance Case Due May 12, 2014
Arizona Weather Heats Back Up To 100 Degrees This Week May 12, 2014
Wrong-Way Driver Hits And Kills Off-Duty Mesa Police Officer May 12, 2014
Judge To Decide If Lawmakers Owe Arizona Public Schools $2.9 Billion May 12, 2014
Maricopa Judge Decides Not To Clarify Arizona's Medical Marijuana Law May 09, 2014
Arizona Schools Are Asking The State For Money May 09, 2014
Court Rules In Favor Of Gun Activists May 08, 2014
Police Arrest Man Involved In Tempe Bike Theft Ring May 08, 2014
House Veterans Affairs Committee Issues Subpoena May 08, 2014
Firefighters Control Fire Near Prescott May 07, 2014
Chandler Police Seeking Suspect Involved in Shooting, Carjacking May 06, 2014
Mental Health Advocate Optimistic About Care In Arizona May 05, 2014
Intel Focusing On Waste Diversion May 05, 2014
Another Whistleblower Comes Forward As More Action Taken At Phoenix VA May 05, 2014
Arizona Files No Child Left Behind Waiver May 05, 2014