Title Publication Date
Vehicle Thefts During Test Drives On The Rise August 19, 2014
Drug Tunnel, Smuggler Discovered In Nogales August 19, 2014
Valley Storms Delays Flights, Flooding Prompts Water Rescues August 19, 2014
Tucson Firefighters Rescue Two People Who Drove Into A Flooded Wash August 18, 2014
Ice Buckets Aside, Local Neurologist Says ALS Advances Are Being Made August 18, 2014
Business Mentoring May Be Key Economic Driver August 18, 2014
Border Patrol Issues Warning About Private Militias August 18, 2014
Ducey Camp Claims Brewer Can't Give PAC Money To Smith August 15, 2014
Arizona Humane Society Sustains Storm Damage, But Back In Business August 15, 2014
Rehabilitation Of Apache-Sitegraves National Forest Almost Complete August 15, 2014
Navajo County Supervisor Seeks To Replace Crandell In State Senate August 14, 2014
Pinal County Teacher Arrested After Admitting To Drinking At School August 14, 2014
Phoenix CEO Charged With Fraud, Bribery August 14, 2014
AZ Health Director To Revise Medical Marijuana Dispensary Regulations August 13, 2014
Brewer's Endorsement Of Smith Raises The Money Stakes August 13, 2014
Slide Fire Aftermath Contributing To Bears In Urban Areas August 13, 2014
Flooding Closes Streets, South Mountain Access August 13, 2014
Brewer Will Use PAC Money To Support Smith August 12, 2014
Rain, And Possible Flooding, On Tap For Central Arizona August 12, 2014
Law Enforcement Trains In Child Trafficking Trends August 11, 2014
GOP Party Chair To Candidates: Cool It August 11, 2014
County Attorney Raising Awareness Of Hot Car Dangers August 11, 2014
Midweek Rain A Possibility August 11, 2014
Meadow Being Restored For Wildlife Habitat Damaged August 08, 2014
Appeals Court Rules Against Goldwater Institute On ACA Lawsuit August 08, 2014